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jacklistens – Jack in the Box locations periodically solicit feedback from its patrons using an online survey that may be accessed at the website Jacklistens. In this survey, we question respondents about their experiences with the food and service at Jack in the Box restaurants.


jacklistens – Marketing Manager – Jacklistens Survey

The future product selection, in-store activities, and interactions with company personnel will all be influenced by the results to this survey. We would appreciate it if you could respond to this survey as soon as possible.

To this day, some of the more compact eating establishments continue to make use of the traditional paper survey. However, keeping up with them was a difficult task.’ In addition, we would appreciate it if you would complete out our survey on Albertsons.

JackListens Survey

To begin the survey, go to jacklistens within three days of making your purchase and choose the language you speak.

Enter the 11-digit number that is located on the bottom of your receipt between the address of the shop and the bottom of the receipt.

Peterson, and the United States is now its primary market. In 2017, Jack in the Box officially changed its name from what was once known as Qdoba Mexican Grill.

There are Jack in the Box restaurants in 21 out of the 50 states in the United States. There are many delectable fast food items that are produced there, including but are not limited to burgers, salads, poultry, sandwiches, and desserts. Burgers, tacos, and French fries have made the eatery famous among the local community.

How to Take JackListens Survey?

  • If you would like to take part in the JackListens survey, please read these instructions thoroughly and follow them to the letter. Put another way,
  • The website for the Jack in the Box survey can be found at jacklistens; thus, open up your preferred web browser and head on over there right now.
  • Following that, choose either English or Spanish as your preferred language to proceed. Simply because the survey process is only available in only two languages.
  • After that, in order to proceed, you will need to enter the 14-digit survey code that was printed on your receipt.
  • In order to go to the next level, you will need to submit the date, the time of your visit, the order method, and the shop number.

Terms and Condition for JackListens Survey

You are going to need to provide the receipt from your most recent meal here in order to be able to do so. Check to see that the banknote has not been in circulation for more than three days.

In only a few days, the 14-digit code for jacklistens.com will no longer function properly. The Jacklistens enter 14-digit code could only be used for a limited time period of three days.

  • Those that choose to participate in the survey are:
  • In order to sign up, you have to be older than eighteen years old.
  • You will not be able to participate in the poll if you do not currently call one of the 50 states that make up the United States your home.
  • You are not allowed to be an employee of the company or even slightly linked to somebody who does work there.
  • You should have at least a fundamental level of communication ability in either English or Spanish. 
  • You are need to adhere to following rules in order to take part in the Jack Listens poll.
  • You are not permitted under any circumstances to sell, exchange, or give away your coupon.

Benefits of JackListens Survey

The motivation for completing the survey is not difficult to get. Simply following the steps that have been given here is all that is required to participate in the survey.

After you have finished the survey, Jack in the Box will give you coupons that may be used for free food and drinks.

There are two different kinds of bonuses, and it’s conceivable that both of them will appear on the receipt that you get:

With the purchase of only one Supreme Croissant, you will get either a jumbo pack or a free Supreme Croissant.

You will be put into a drawing for two free tacos if you make a purchase from our establishment (whether it be food, beverages, or anything else).

The reward pool for the survey also consists of an entry into a drawing for a complimentary Supreme Croissant.


In customers who like Jack in the Box should participate in the company’s customer satisfaction survey, which may be accessed at www.survey.com/walmart.

The thoughts and ideas for improvement offered by Jack in the Box’s patrons are taken very seriously. Not only that, but there is also the possibility of obtaining mouthwatering and exciting freebies. A devoted customer is quite necessary for the prosperity of their chosen firm.

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