Monday Night RAW started with a match between Bobby Lashley and Xavier Woods. The WWE Champion sought redemption after he and his business partner MVP suffered a shocking loss to The New Day last week.

In last week’s match, MVP returned to the ring after being out of action for nearly four months. However, it proved to be more of a hindrance to Bobby Lashley when it was pinned, which gave New Day the win.

Even so, The All Mighty went into today’s episode of The Red Brand with one thing in mind and that was to crush Xavier Woods.

Woods had other plans for the WWE Champion, however, and although Xavier Woods dominated most of the match, he managed to create a shocking surprise by defeating Lashley in the ring.

It looked sure that Bobby Lashley would win after all the damage he’d done, but a quick Xavier Woods managed to roll the champion for the win, leaving Lashley completely stunned.

It was certainly a surprising start to Monday Night RAW. Bobby Lashley thought this would be an easy win for him, especially after what he did to Woods in their Hell in a Cell match.

That loss will definitely weigh on the champion when he goes to Money in the Bank.

Bobby Lashley meets Kofi Kingston after losing at Money in the Bank

His loss to Xavier Woods is sure to have a psychological effect on Bobby Lashley. In fact, the way the WWE Champion walked out of the ring after his defeat just goes to show that he is already feeling those effects.

However, it will be in his best interest to shake it off and focus on what is to come this Sunday. Bobby Lashley will defend his WWE Championship against another member of The New Day in Kofi Kingston.

While Xavier Woods is a talented superstar, Kofi Kingston is another beast overall and he will be looking to become a two-time WWE champion at Money in the Bank

Who do you think will prevail in this match? Will it be Kofi Kingston or Bobby Lashley? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.