The hits reportedly keep coming back for WWE NXT. This weekend, WWE will be in Las Vegas for SummerSlam, while NXT will be at the Capitol Wrestling Center the next day for TakeOver 36. A new report suggests the TakeOver event will be the start of a multi-day taping block for the black and gold brand.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reports that WWE will return to the two-day taping format for NXT next week on Monday and Tuesday. The brand recently filmed episodes of the show while it was airing on the SyFy Channel while USA Network was reporting on the Olympics.

This change in the show’s recording schedule is significant as recorded shows are often less electric than live shows. Spoilers over the recordings often seep through, robbing the shows of their unpredictability.

Plus, recording shows in this format can put a strain on the live audience as fans endure long blocks of content. As a result, the fans in attendance sometimes appear tired in the later-recorded episodes, which can diminish the overall energy of the show in the eyes of viewers at home.

What is the future of WWE NXT?

Sapp also wrote that some fans who have been to shows at the Capitol Wrestling Center in the past few months have already been contacted to request their seats on TV tapes for the next week.

After a solid television rating for the return to the USA Network, that shift could be seen as another gigantic blow to the morale of the NXT locker room. Based on recent waves of releases and rumored philosophical shifts, the brand has faced several roadblocks lately.

Some fans would argue that NXT’s best days came around the time when multiple hour-long episodes were recorded in a single night to air in the weeks that followed. Even so, it doesn’t seem like a good sign of NXT’s long-term future as fans know it right now.

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Are you disappointed to hear that WWE NXT is returning to a recorded format after NXT TakeOver 36? Is this a sign of a more permanent move of the black and gold brand into the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding in the comment section below.