News came this week that the Seattle Seahawks and Jamal Adams have signed the largest security deal ever. In the run-up to Adams’ deal, there were some concerns among Seahawks fans, but with the star safety that the pen has put on paper, those concerns have evaporated.

Of course, such a massive contract has torn its tongue as to whether it deserves a deal this size and whether there is better collateral in the NFL that deserves a bigger payday. Here is a definitive list of the top five securities in the league that deserve to be paid at least on par with Jamal Adams.

The best security in the NFL that is not Jamal Adams

# 1 – Justin Simmons, Denver Broncos

Simmons is now the consensus vote for the best security in the NFL, maybe even better than Jamal Adams. He constantly interrupts the game in deep cover and can also interrupt the game in advance if there is a flash.

He can also get up to the defensive and is also a utility cornerback. While he allowed seven touchdowns last season, he also intercepted opposing passes five times. The opposing passer rating against him was 99.8. Simmons is simply a top-notch security.

# 2 – Bully Mathieu, Kansas City Chiefs

Amazingly versatile, Tyrant Mathieu plays both free security and strong security. He can also play in the box, in the slot or in deep coverage. His game intelligence distinguishes him from the others.

He can play in almost any scheme and is one of the best manipulators at post-snap positioning. Most of the time he wins half the fight against the quarterback in his head.

# 3 – John Johnson III, Cleveland Browns

Johnson III is another player who can play across different systems and positions as a security. He feels comfortable in deep cover, behind the defensive line or in the slot. The opponent’s passer rating against him is only 95.1, but what sets him apart from his contemporaries, including Jamal Adams, is not only his exemplary anticipation for the ball, but also his ability to stop a receiver in his lane .

# 4 – Minkah Fitzpatrick, Pittsburgh Steelers

Fitzpatrick had a transformative effect on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense. He’s had nine interceptions and eleven passes in the last two seasons. He’s arguably the best all-free security guard in the NFL right now.

# 5 – Jessie Bates, Cincinnati Bengals

If Jamal Adams is great against the run, Jessie Bates hits him against the pass. An exceptional return of 12 passes and three interceptions despite playing in midfield is proof of the value he brings to the team. He became the Cincinnati Bengals’ first all-pro since 2015.