Laviska Shenault Jr. is a fresh face in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Reception Corps. The young Wideout is going into his second season with a lot of hope in 2021. Great things are expected of Laviska Shenault Jr. Can he deliver the goods with a highly rated number one overall at the quarterback?

Lots of NFL pundits gave the young wide receiver a tip for big things, claiming he might be one of the players up for a breakout season. Here’s why it might.

Why Laviska Shenault could take off in 2021

Push in the second year

The sophomore year in the NFL is considered to be the best opportunity to judge how good a player can be. Rookie years are usually tough as transitioning from college to the NFL can be difficult. Players need to get used to playing football full time, learning the playbook, creating a new schedule, learning what works and what doesn’t, and more. This usually takes at least a full year.

With the start of the second season of every player, however, the routine sets in. The players feel much more comfortable in the league and have got used to the demands of the big leagues.

When thinking stops, instinctive reactions take over. Laviska Shenault has spent his rookie season thinking and learning. Now is the time for him to take over.

Supplement by Marvin Jones Jones

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Marvin Jones during the offseason, which is now in its second best season in the league. In 2020, he caught 76 passes for 978 yards and nine touchdowns. Jones is likely to take the top receiving spot and knock all other receivers down.

When this happens, Shenault is faced with less talented cornerbacks, which allows him to be more open-minded, which earns him more receptions. More receptions bring more distance and bring him to the top of the list of the best. There is no other way than up.

Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence is much more of a gunslinger than Gardner Minshew. In college, Lawrence averaged 9.4 yards per attempt during his senior year at Clemson. Meanwhile, Minshew averaged 6.9 yards per attempt last season. With more passes in the field, Lawrence Laviska will give Shenault a lot more opportunities to outdo himself.

Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence

The deeper the pass attempts, the more opportunities for highlights for Shenault. If he gets more highlights, there is a stronger argument that he will be one of the breakout players in 2021.