BTS Jungkook is often delivered with lots of idols due to the K-POP fans’ affinity for writing fanfiction that revolves around their favorite bands. It is very common to send out band members with other idols that fans think are compatible with them.

According to a Fan poll, it became known that BTS Jungkook was delivered with not just one idol, but several. Also on the list were his bandmates, with whom the youngest band member, or Maknae, has a compelling bond.

Here is the list of stars that BTS Jungkook is most often shipped with

BTS Jungkook and Taehyung

BTS Jungkook is mainly shipped with his bandmate Taehyung aka V. They received a total of 3,732,610 upvotes to finish first on a list of The 100 Most Popular KPOP Ship Pairs 2020. They also have a ship name – Vkook, which fans use when talking about the chemistry between the two bandmates.

BTS Jungkook and Lisa

Second place in this fan survey went to BTS Jungkook and Lisa. The only reason, according to fansites, is the fact that they are both among the top bands in the country and the world right now and are both the youngest members or maknaes in their band.

However, some Lisa’s fans pointed out that the BLACKPINK member had said that she would prefer men older than her when dating.

This pair ship received a positive rating of 3644103.

Jimin and BTS Jungkook

BTS Jungkook is again delivered with another band member, Jimin. One of the things fans refer to when shipping Jimin and Jungkook is their brilliant stage chemistry.

There are tons of fan cams online to prove why Jimin and BTS Jungkook are being delivered by so many fans. This ship received an upvote of 193102

Jin and BTS Jungkook

Jin and Junkook received an upvote of 155007 and their ship name is Jinkook. There are many things fans love about Jin and BTS Jungkook’s relationship.

The two quarrel like siblings, teasing each other and making fun of each other, but it is best when the two eat together.

Fans have also compiled plenty of videos of “Jinkook” moments that they think will lighten their spirits. Jin is five years older than Jungkook and is often seen looking after the youngest member of the BTS family.

BTS Jungkook and IU

Jungkook and IU fans began shipping the two together after Jungkook claimed in multiple interviews that he had a crush on the actor and singer.

In one of the interviews, when BTS members were asked what was the first album they had bought with their money, Jungkook had shyly admitted that it was from IUs.

The other members of BTS that Jungkook ships with include Suga and J-Hope. A couple of fans also sent him with another BLACKPINK member, Rose.

Edited by Siddharth Satish