There have been several attempts at GTA 6 leaks, but all tend to be similar in many ways.

It will be a while before GTA 6 launches, but impatient fans are fed up with waiting. It’s been almost a decade since the last big title. All of this results in a perfect storm of so-called GTA-6 leaks. Everyone has their expectations of what they think the game should be like.

Note that this article is not about the validity of GTA 6 leaks. Most of them turned out to be fake. Rather, this article will talk about what links all of these leaks together. Undoubtedly, they all have underlying issues. Whether Vice City or a larger map size, they are connected by these common motifs.

That is what GTA 6 leaks have in common

GTA 6 leaks have so much in common with each other. Even if they are not from the same person, they will be inspired by similar ideas. This is most evident in the frequent use of Vice City.

A return to Vice City

Unlike Liberty City and Los Santos, Vice City has yet to return to the HD universe. Most fans expect it to be presented again. GTA 6 leaks tend to cover Vice City as a key location.

It’s difficult to talk about GTA 6 without mentioning Vice City. Of course, Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed anything yet and fans have been waiting with bated breath. Vice City is a tropical paradise that would shine great with new graphics.

Far bigger cards

As the saying goes, bigger is always better. GTA 6 leaks tend to have slightly larger map sizes than previous games.

Gamers always want to do more in an open world setting, and a lot of 4chan leaks tend to follow this behavior. Because of this, most GTA 6 leaks have larger areas. Interestingly, they also look more like the GTA 5 map.

Rockstar Games tends to fluctuate in this pattern. The GTA San Andreas map is much larger than that of GTA 4. However, Red Dead Redemption 2 completely dwarfs the GTA 5 map.

There is a lot of research going on

Most gamers assume that Vice City will be the final setting. One can conclude from this that GTA 6 leaks tend to use Florida as the main inspiration. The video above shows a perfect example of this.

Badger Goodger goes into great detail about the map. It depicts a Quincy World, which is an obvious reference to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. This is also related to Fred Quincy, the GTA equivalent of Walt Disney.

Fake GTA 6 leaks can convince with all the attention to detail. It helps build credibility in the community. However, that doesn’t mean it’s legitimate. Anyone can do the research and make it look realistic.

Beware of potential trolls

A few months ago, YouTuber litdunker04 shot a video of how he created the latest GTA 6 leaks. Obviously a lot of work has been done. The card attracted so much attention that YouTubers even reported on it.

It was by no means perfect as there were noticeable issues with the font choice. It was too similar to the GTA 5 map too. Of course, the community wasn’t happy when it turned out to be a fake.

Hence, people should be wary of GTA 6 leaks. Basic knowledge of graphic design is enough to create a detailed fake card. Clickbait articles and videos often claim these are real, which can be confusing. Suffice it to say that it will be some time before GTA 6 is made available to the public.

Note: This article reflects the author’s personal views.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul