Well over three weeks have passed since the release of one of the most anticipated Minecraft updates of 2021. Unfortunately, the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update was only partially released as Mojang decided to split it in half.

The first part that was released introduces three new mobs to the game, including axolotls. Axolotls are passive aquatic mobs found in water below sea level (y63) where it is completely dark.

Axolotls are the cutest predators a player will ever come across as they fiercely attack all aquatic mobs except dolphins and turtles. This feature is very useful for players who want to conquer the ocean monuments.

Axolotl have five color variants: blue, pink, brown, gold and cyan, with blue being the rarest axolotl that can be obtained as offspring after breeding (0.83% chance).

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How can players get a pet axolotl in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, players can’t tame axolotl like wolves, but they can get very close to having an axolotl as a pet in Minecraft.

Once the player finds an axolotl, the first thing to do is use a bucket of water on it to get a bucket of axolotl. This makes it so that even if the player chooses to leave the axolotl in open water, it will never go away.

Axolotls are damaged if they are out of the water for more than 5 minutes. Players can also use lead on axolotls and then attach the lead to a fence in the water. This will keep the axolotl under water. Breeding these cute little water mobs is one way you can breed them to get more axolotl pets.

The process of breeding it is pretty straightforward as players only need to feed two axolotls aquatic fish and breed them to give birth to one baby axolotl. Players can feed these baby axolotls aquatic fish, reducing their remaining growing time by 10%.

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