The official launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India has caused quite a stir in the country’s mobile esports community. Content creators and online personalities have been vocal about what fans can expect from the esports ecosystem that Krafton’s newest title will be building.

Tournament organizers and the publishers themselves will play a crucial role in helping the India-Exclusive title to become a self-sustaining ecosystem that does not depend on foreign investors.

Trinity Gaming content creator Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral and co-founder and CEO Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal were delighted with how well Battlegrounds Mobile India has finally gone. In an exclusive conversation with Abhishek Mallik from Sportskeeda Esports, the two of them shared what excited them about Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Jonathan and Abhishek Agarwal on Battlegrounds Mobile India

Speaking of Battlegrounds Mobile India, eSports athlete Jonathan said:

“With Krafton officially launching the exclusive game today, it is sure to fuel the growth of our esports and gaming industries. Now we will soon be witnessing the high prize pool tournaments to develop the entire Battlegrounds Mobile India ecosystem. All the prominent organizations will start their grind and prepare their squads to become the best in the competitive scene in India. “

“I promise that I will celebrate a strong comeback and delight my fans with powerful and thrilling performances in this exclusive game. The existing and new content creator community also gets the chance to accelerate their way from gamer to influencer. “

Conversely, Trinity Gaming’s co-founder and CEO, Mr Abhishek Aggarwal, said:

“Finally, we are all experiencing the historic moment in the Indian gaming and esports industry as this exclusively developed game will fuel the growth of mobile gaming in India and the game harness the power of the country’s mobile-first gaming ecosystem The Journey from gamer to influencer has only just started and it will be exciting to see how new gamers will take advantage of this opportunity. “