The Indian skipper Virat Kohli and the English speed ace James Anderson had a particularly heated exchange during the Lord’s Test. The former, while hitting 10, was overheard on the blunt microphone calling Anderson for walking in the middle of the field saying it wasn’t “his backyard”.

Other fans heard Virat Kohli return it to James Anderson for allegedly berating pacemaker Jasprit Bumrah and even commenting on his age. The following is a video from one of the exchanges and some tweets from what fans heard from the live stream:

Virat Kohli and the exchange on the field are not a new combo, but this is likely the first time something like this has happened to James Anderson in their long history against each other. The pacemaker sacked Kohli on the first test, but the Indian captain looked more than comfortable against him during his brief stint here at Lord’s.

Anderson received a slight caution from the referees during the game for walking in the middle of the field. In addition, Bumrah had put a rather fiery spell on him on Saturday, riddled with nasty bouncers and Yorkers, which had sparked some on-field conversations between the players of the two teams.

But whether or not one of these incidents upset Virat Kohli cannot be determined immediately.

Virat Kohli drops out for 20 after an argument with James Anderson

Virat Kohli, although he almost saw his best time in the second innings, could not convert his start again and was out for 20 shortly after the change. He reached four limits before pursuing a wide one against Sam Curran just to give the wicketkeeper an outside edge.

The match is spicy balanced at lunch, India leads with 29 runs and Cheteshwar Pujara and vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane are at the gate. But regardless of the outcome of the game, the dispute between two of the most important players on their respective teams set the stage for an exciting series of tests.