The ThunderDome era cannot end soon enough for WWE RAW. With only one episode of WWE’s flagship show coming from the Yuengling Center, there is no better time for the company to visit the WWE Universe again.

The viewership of this week’s RAW episode was at a record low. According to Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics, This week’s edition of WWE RAW drew 1.472 million viewers, down from 1.570 million the previous week.

While the Red Brand episode wasn’t as good this week as it was the previous two weeks, it’s pretty surprising that the string of good shows didn’t generate better turnout.

WWE RAW records the third-lowest demo in the show’s history

When it comes to the all-important 18-49 demo, WWE RAW stayed with a .41 even from last week. While it’s good that it hasn’t decreased from last week, it’s surprising to learn that it’s the third lowest demo in RAW history.

As with other live sports competitions this week, the NBA was out on Monday, so WWE RAW only faced the fourth game of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Montreal Canadiens.

WWE RAW opened with a Miz TV segment, resulting in a rematch between Ricochet and Johnny “Drip Drip” Morrison.

We also saw Drew McIntyre take on his former 3MB stablemate Jinder Mahal in a good match. The Modern Day Maharaja had his last laugh when he stole McIntyre’s sword after laying it out with the Khallas.

In the episode’s main event, The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods competed against WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP.

What do you think of WWE RAW this week? What was your favorite game or segment? Let us know your thoughts by sounding in the comment section below.

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