Valorant introduced a hidden change that most players are unaware of. It may be minor, but it has a big overall impact.

Riot always brings changes and fixes Valorant with patches that are provided every two weeks. The Valorant development team will also notify players of these changes in their patch notes. Each patch brings changes based on player feedback to maintain the integrity and state of the game. The fact that the Valorant development team is quick to respond to problems proves that they care about the game’s player base.

Riot brought many changes with it with Patch 3.0. However, they haven’t notified players of a small change they made to the Ascent map. This customization is geared towards the Ascent A location and is hidden away.

The Ascent A relocation to Valorant

The generator at Ascent’s location A had a specific angle that players can see through a small gap to the other side of the generator. This small gap gave the attacker great information about the defender behind the generator. The generator could be shot through, which also made the player felt less safe behind the generator.

Some players took advantage of this small loophole and asked the defender, “How did you know?” left in the dark. The victims of this loophole are numerous and the Valorant development team has decided to solve this problem in secret.

The new patch adapts the generator by making it impenetrable and closing the previously existing gap. This change was made to make it easier for defenders to take care of A-Site. It also reduces the risk to the player defending behind the generator.

This change wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the patch notes, but when avid gamers inspected it, they noticed this subtle change made by the Valorant development team. Valorant players are excited about this change as it makes the game feel more balanced.

There may be a reason the development team didn’t let players know about this change. Perhaps they wanted to punish the players who abuse this loophole by making them aware of the change.