Kay / O, Valorant’s first robot agent introduced in Episode 3 Reflection Act 1, has quickly become one of the game’s most popular picks.

Not only has Valorant become one of the most played FPS esports in the world, but it has also successfully built deep lore with rich characters and a fascinating storyline, much of which remains hidden behind a veil of mystery.

Kay / O, the newest Valorant agent, has quite an interesting story that could be inspired by the Sentinels of Marvel X-Men comics.

Sentinels – the inspiration for Valorants Kay / O

Kay / O is the 16th Valorant Protocol Agent and the 4th initiator to join the list. His unique skills are very interesting as he can destroy the opponent’s skills. This brings with it an interesting dynamic as opponents are forced to rely on weapons more than skills and shift the meta.

According to its introduction, Kay / O is described as:

“KAY / O is a war machine that was built for one purpose only: to neutralize radiation. His ability to suppress enemy abilities cripples the ability of his opponents to defend themselves and gives him and his allies the ultimate advantage. “

According to in-game lore, Kay / O traveled from the future where a radiant war was taking place, and Kay / O was designed to hunt down the radians. The plot is similar to the plot of Marvel Comics Day of Future Past.

Days of Future Past paints a picture of a future in which there was a mutant war that resulted in most mutants being hunted by Sentinels. Sentinels are specially designed robots that can destroy mutated abilities.

According to the Fandom Wiki,

“The Sentinels were first created by Dr. Bolivar Trask, whose intention was to save humanity from what he saw in the increasing number of mutants as an impending threat to the existence of the species.”

The plot was also adopted as a film by 20th Century Fox as part of the X-Men film franchise, more specifically the X-Men: Beginnings franchise.

The interesting similarities have fans who are interested and wondering about the future timeline and Radiant War. Along with some questions.

Who made Kay / O? What happened during the Radiant War? Why did Kay / O come back on time?

It will certainly be interesting to learn more about Valorant Protocol Agent Kay / O.