Twitter announced the introduction of its paid subscription function called “Super Follow” in a blog post on August 31. It said the feature will only be available to iOS users in the US and Canada for now, although it will expand to iOS, Android and web users worldwide over time. Only certain accounts that had applied on Twitter Call for applications that use the function at the first start, they can now activate it immediately, although there is a waiting list for new participants.

The “Super Follow” feature marks Twitter’s efforts to compete with other social media networks that enable monetization and offer exclusive subscriptions, such as OnlyFans, Youtube, Substack and more. Meanwhile, Twitter has been due to its broadcast-like design that it has tried to get hot on its platform due to massive trolling and hate speech as well trimming by introducing features like restricting tweet replies, hiding replies, and now by introducing exclusive content.

Waiting list to allow super followers

Twitter indicated that there will be a waiting list for new attendees who want to use the feature. To be eligible, they would have to meet the following criteria:

  • Have 10,000 or more followers
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Should have tweeted 25 times in the last 30 days
  • Should be in the USA
  • Must follow twitter Super Follows Policy.

The prices for subscriptions

Twitter said there will be three price points for subscriptions that are payable monthly and can be canceled at any time. These prices are $ 2.99, $ 4.99, and $ 9.99.

Google and Apple will withhold 30% of the payment as an in-app purchase fee and 3% will be withheld by Twitter to “cover processing fees”. The rest of that is actual earnings from someone super-followed until they hit $ 50,000 in lifetime earnings, after which Twitter’s share will rise to 20%.

As an example, Twitter provided the following resolution for an account with a $ 4.99 Super Follow subscription:

  • $ 4.99 – Super Follows subscription cost
  • $ 1.50 – Apple’s in-app purchase fee (currently 30% of subscription cost as per Apple’s terms, subject to change by Apple)
  • $ 0.10 – Twitter’s minimum share to cover processing fees
  • $ 3.39 – Creator can take this amount home

No follower’s payment details or credit card information are shared with the Twitter account they followed. However, Twitter said it will receive a receipt of the transaction that will contain some information about the purchase, including the last four digits of the card number used. It was also mentioned that there are no refunds or free trials available for these subscriptions.

How to do super follow

The ‘Super Follow’ option is available in the profile of the activated account, right next to the regular follow button in the top right corner, which lists the type of content the account is providing for paid followers and their subscription fee.

In the meantime, “super followers” ​​will get a purple badge next to their profile name every time they reply to the account they super followed.

Other recent features of Twitter

In September, Twitter allegedly said it is testing a new “security mode” that will be introduced as a beta feature for select users. It was said that this feature would “reduce the prevalence and visibility of harmful comments”.

In August, Twitter said it is testing a new feature that will allow users to flag tweets that come across as misleading. It also said the feature would initially only be available to some users in the US, South Korea, and Australia.

In July, the enterprise allegedly confirms that it is testing new upvote and downvote responses for tweets. It is also said to add a new Voice Transformer feature that basically allows users to use multiple speech effects to change their voice in real time when hosting a live space. It was the same month reported that the platform will test another function that will inform the user when their account has been suspended or suspended.

In June, Twitter allegedly has teamed up with the local fintech startup Razorpay to introduce its in-app payment function “Tip Jar” in India. This allowed creators to monetize their content and make money from their supporters. That month it also launched its own subscription service called “Twitter Blue”.

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