Twitter has restricted fifty tweets of videos and pictures from a viral clip of a Muslim man in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh who was attacked, according to a file recently submitted to the Lumen database by the social media platform. The tweets are withheld from users in India.

Ghaziabad police claimed that this attack was presented in a communal light as it was related to a personal dispute and that the people who attacked the man included both Hindus and Muslims. According to the filing, Twitter received the request on June 17; it was announced on Monday.

Manish Maheshwari, managing director of Twitter India, was summoned for questioning by Uttar Pradesh police last week after the video went viral on the platform after an FIR was filed against the company over the problem.

Twitter did not provide details in response to a request for comment and made its usual statement regarding opt-outs:

“As in ours Retained Countries Policy, it may be necessary to deny access to certain content in response to a valid legal request or if the content has been determined to violate local law. The retention is limited to the respective jurisdiction / country in which the content is classified as illegal. We will notify the Account Owner directly that we have received a court order in relation to the Account by sending a message to the email address associated with the account (s), if available. Read more about our Frequently asked questions about legal inquiries. The legal inquiries we receive are in the semi-annual Twitter transparency report, and content retention prompts are on. released Lumens. ”- Twitter spokesperson

IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has claimed that the virality of the clip in question was hypocritical behavior on the part of the company: “What happened in UP illustrated the arbitrariness of Twitter in its fight against fake news. While Twitter was over-excited with its fact-checking mechanism, its failure to act like UP on multiple instances is confusing and indicates its inconsistency in tackling misinformation, “Prasad said said also in a Twitter thread on Friday call in doubt whether Twitter is still liable as an intermediary under the rules for information technology (Guidelines for intermediaries and code of ethics for digital media), 2021.

Twitter said after posting this thread that it was still working on implementing the requirements of the rules: “We keep MeitY informed of the progress at every step of the process. Twitter continues to make every effort to comply with the new guidelines. “

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