Trisha Paytas, co-host of popular podcast Frenemies, officially left the show on June 8th due to a dispute between her and Ethan Klein over her post.

The Frenemies podcast first aired on September 15, 2020. It is hosted by 33-year-old YouTube stars Trisha Paytas and 35-year-old Ethan Klein, owner of H3H3 Productions.

The two started the podcast after they had Trisha as a guest on the H3 podcast for her version of “The Bachelorette”. Each episode has generated over a million views and has become a fan favorite on YouTube.

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Trisha Paytas is leaving Frenemies

Trisha Paytas sparked a violent backlash after starting an argument with Ethan Klein in the middle of episode 39 of the Frenemies podcast.

What was supposedly an episode designed to discuss the Gabbie Hanna drama took a wrong turn towards the end of the show.

The argument began when Trisha Paytas brought up the movie “Brokeback Mountain,” citing jokes about Logan Paul hugging Floyd Mayweather during her boxing match. While talking about trans and homosexual rights, Ethan seemingly ignored them, which irritated Trisha.

Afterward, fans noticed the 33-year-old was triggered when Ethan almost completely dismissed her comments to move on to another segment.

Trisha immediately interrupted Ethan:

“Let’s just go see your fool [segment]- I don’t like this segment just for the record. Fan advice is such a stupid thing. “

Tensions in the room increased as the spitting between the two got worse. In short, Trisha began to claim that she was not heard about ideas submissions while shaming Ethan for deducting a five percent “production fee” that covered the cost of the crew and filming.

“I never choose the costumes, I never do the vlogs and I give as many ideas as dancing for the vlogs. I give so many ideas and you don’t listen. “

This then prompted Ethan to ask:

“Why are you attacking me?”

Trisha later pulled the production crew along with her argument against Ethan.

“It’s frustrating for you to say, ‘Oh, we do all these great things,’ but it’s not a great thing. I appreciate the work you guys do, but it’s not great. “

It got worse when Trisha Paytas immediately started discussing the show’s cost of production and asked Ethan why she never got a hint as to who they’d hired as he supposedly needed five percent.

Ethan explained himself by saying:

“It’s about the production costs. I’ll take five percent more of the podcast revenue and I’ll take the highlight revenue and everything else we share. “

He continued:

“It’s not even about producing the show and editing it, I think that’s more than reasonable. Even though we work and do all the work, I don’t know why you’re fighting me for the money. “

The two continued arguing about Trisha being upset until she quit and told Ethan to end the show early so she could leave.

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Trisha Paytas makes a statement

In response to her unprecedented behavior on the podcast, fans recorded comments in support of Ethan Klein, claiming Trisha was a “brat.”

Following the episode of Frenemies, Trisha Paytas posted a video on her YouTube channel titled “Breaking Up From Frenemies” explaining her reasons for not wanting to work on the show.

Although she was “almost family” with Ethan, as she put it, she claimed it was in the best interests of her mental health not to film every week.

Trisha then posted a message in the comment section of the video officially declaring her retirement from the show.

Trisha Paytas officially resigns from Frenemies (Image via Twitter)
Trisha Paytas officially resigns from Frenemies (Image via Twitter)

Ethan Klein responded to her resignation via Twitter, posting a series of tweets expressing his feelings and frustration with the situation.

He started by pointing out the Frenemies merchandise that he and Trisha Paytas had started without knowing what to do with unreleased items.

Ethan then discussed how “surprised” he was by Trisha’s outburst. He claimed he tried everything he could “humanly” to keep the podcast going.

Ethan eventually brought up the joke the two had made earlier, alluding to the fact that in costume they always argued and ordered Domino’s pizza.

Fans of the show are utterly heartbroken over the news. Meanwhile, Trisha has lost a large number of supporters due to her outbreak that ended “everyone’s favorite podcast”.

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