YouTuber Trisha Paytas slammed David Dobrik’s childhood friend Natalie Noel after Noel appeared on the BFF podcast on July 22nd. Paytas went to her YouTube channel to give her opinion on the interview. The former Frenemies co-host attacked Noel for supporting vlog squad leader Dobrik amid allegations of sexual assault against former vlog squad member Durte Dom.

Paytas previously dated Vlog Squad member Jason Nash, which gave her a closer look at how the popular friend group works. After Paytas broke up with Jason Nash, she went on a tireless hunt to expose popular friends group members for their wrongdoing.

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

What did Trisha Paytas say about David Dobrik’s friend?

The 33-year-old fired Natalie Noel for helping David Dobrik. This was the first interview Noel had given demonstrating her loyalty to Dobrik after the assault allegations were dropped. Regarding Noel, who is behind Dobrik, Paytas said:

“She went on the podcast and said David was with the guy who did something, David didn’t do anything wrong. He was just with the guy, wrong place, wrong time. She said he was just there. And I quote: ‘David was just there.’

The news of the alleged incident was released by Business Insider on March 17th. The victim revealed that she was forced to drink alcohol illegally and was too drunk to consent to sexual activities with former vlog squad member Durte Dom.

Regarding the incident, Noel said on the podcast:

“Even the shit that went down was really about a different guy. Another guy did something. David happened to be there. “

When the alleged incident occurred, David Dobrik was shooting a video for his YouTube channel. Paytas said

“The girls were brought in for a David vlog, he got them alcohol and paid people to get alcohol for them and deliver alcohol to underage girls for a vlog. He was filming what was, say, a fake SA (sexual assault), but it was a real SA that happened. But he said he faked it. First and foremost, to pretend an SA or to pretend ‘Oh, she has no clothes on’, that’s disgusting. But it actually happened. “

The YouTuber also stated that David Dobrik returned to the apartment where the incident occurred to shoot more clips for his vlog. Regarding illegal drinking, Trisha Paytas said:

“Even in his (David Dobrik) vlog – after a bit of coercion, a bit of persuasion. That’s right R (rape), that’s right R. And David wasn’t just there, he was an accomplice, and he was like the main reason, the main reason and he spread it all over the internet. “

After being swept away by the internet, the 25-year-old stopped vlogging his channel. David Dobrik returned in June with his famous 4 minute 20 second videos and started posting regularly.