Nasser Hussain recently analyzed the thrilling action of Day 2 of the ongoing England-New Zealand Test. While the ex-skipper was exuberant in his praise for Devon Conway, it felt like England’s opener could have learned from the Kiwi’s breathtaking loft.

Devon Conway built on the foundation he laid on Day 1 to get a fantastic double ton on Day 2. While the debutant scored more than half his team’s runs and fought for the entire innings, Dominic Sibley and Zak Crawley were back in the hut by the seventh over from England’s essay.

In his column for The Daily Mail, Nasser Hussain explained what made Devon Conway and the two Englishmen at Lord’s so special.

“Comparisons aren’t always helpful, but the difference between Devon Conway’s approach and England’s top order came between your eyes on day two of this inaugural friendly. He (Conway) let the ball sit well, let it come to and played it under his eyes. It was an Orthodox innings and one without a chance. He’s clearly the type of guy who knows how to beat time and punches. England’s top 3 do things a little differently, ”wrote Nasser Hussain.

While Devon Conway received a lot of praise for his outstanding stroke, the English duo Sibley and Crawley could not cover themselves with fame. The opener went to a seven-ball duck after being squared by Kyle Jamieson, and Nasser Hussain wasn’t impressed with Dom Sibley’s risky approach.

“But in no case during the pre-tee mini-session was her firing the result of the type of percentage cricket Conway played for more than nine and a half hours. Sibley tried to hit a ball from Kyle Jamieson that flew down the slope and pulled away from him through the midwicket, which was a high risk shot, ”said Hussain.

Third place Zak Crawley fared not much better either, with Tim Southee brilliantly using the width of the crease to draw the striker’s edge. Nasser Hussain liked Southee’s cunning, but thought Crawley could have handled the situation much better.

“Crawley has meanwhile been set up beautifully by Tim Southee, who approached the stumps to bowl a full length followed by a back of a length. Then he kept jumping out of the crease, and at this point a batsman should really protect himself from the sucker blow. The ball was full, wide, and swung away – and Crawley was dragged into the drive, with fatal consequences, ”Hussain admitted.

Top-Order has to protect Joe Root, says Nasser Hussain

Both Crawley and Sibley join the series due to disappointing performances against India. While Sibley averaged just 16.75, Crawley accumulated a meager 67 runs against India in four innings.

Nasser Hussain believes England’s top medals must take a leaf out of Devon Conway’s book and protect Joe Root as they try to cement their place on the team.

“England have to protect their best batsman and they know the return of Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler will strengthen their middle order. Right now, however, the upper order has to show a little more nous. And they could use some thought.” “As Conway beat. The remaining three innings of this series are already approaching,” concluded Nasser Hussain.

Dom Sibley and Zak Crawley’s future in England is not imminent. However, a prolonged bad run could result in players like James Bracey claiming a top class slot in the future.