Greninja is a strong option in Pokemon Unite that is just as offensively effective as its counterpart in the main series.

The game classifies Greninja as an attacker, but it has enough speed to compete with the speedsters in the game. This Water-type Pokémon is characterized by being quick to move from a safe distance as it rises. This is also helpful as players gain access to the more powerful tools.

This is a great Pokémon for players who just want to wipe out opponents and use offensive pressure. Here is the best build for the Generation VI starter.

How to turn this Water-type Pokémon into an offensive powerhouse

The ideal move for Greninja in the early stages of the game should be Bubble. Choosing a substitute will really cripple Greninja’s ability to start a game. Managing these early enemies will help Froakie get to Frogdalier and Greninja quickly.

Bubble, on the other hand, is a decent ranged attack that can both slow down and cause damage.

For level five, Greninja will want to surf. Although both surf and water shuriken heal HP, the former is a more consistent option. When this attack kills, the cooldown is reset.

This allows Greninja to sneak away and find a safe place to dodge enemy fire. Water shuriken is by no means bad, it’s just that surfing is a little more beneficial.

Once it hits level seven, Greninja prefers to run Smokescreen over Double Team. The gimmick behind Double Team isn’t really useful as players can tell which Greninja is the real one. Smokescreen is much more useful, and Greninja, with its speed, can make good use of invisibility.

Finally, the Waterburst Shuriken movement can do a lot of damage at level nine. Regardless of the cooldown, it’s always nice to take out a tank enemy with atomic bombs. This can be used to eliminate large enemies that would otherwise annoy teammates.

As for items, Greninja makes use of the muscle ligament, which provides a simple damage boost. The Pokémon also appreciates the passive rest that Shell Bell offers.

Eventually, the Float Stone will greatly increase Greninja’s speed until it can keep up with other Pokémon like Zeraora.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul