Sunil Gavaskar believes the first World Test Championship final will end in a draw after rain again spoiled the game at the start of Day 4. The legendary batsman predicted India and New Zealand will share the trophy.

The first session of day 4 has already been washed out due to rain. It is unlikely to get any better as the weather forecast predicts uninterrupted rain for the whole day.

Speaking to Aaj Tak from Southampton, Sunil Gavaskar admitted that the WTC final will likely end in a draw with just two days of cricket action left.

“It looks like the final of the World Testing Championship will end in a draw and the trophy will be shared. It would be the first time that a trophy would be shared in the final. There are penalty shootouts in football or other criteria to determine a winner. In tennis there are five sets and then a tiebreaker to make a winner. In tests we can only have a tie in such cases, and there is a high probability of a tie here too, ”claimed Sunil Gavaskar.

While day 4 isn’t completely washed out, it is generally believed that giving up the game of the day is a matter of when, not if. With it still raining in Southampton, Sunil Gavaskar offered a gloomy weather update from the stadium.

“Everyone here says there is no chance to play today. That means there are only two days left. To do three innings in two days would be really difficult. Yes, if both teams do really badly, the three innings could be completed, ”suggested Sunil Gavaskar.

“There should have been a way to choose a winner” – Sunil Gavaskar

With three innings remaining, the draw appears to be the most likely outcome in Southampton. The regulations mean that the trophy will be shared between India and New Zealand in this case, but Sunil Gavaskar believes that the ICC should have set the criteria for determining a single winner before the tournament began.

“There should have been a way to choose a winner. At the 2019 World Cup, we saw the team that reached the most limits take the trophy. Due to the pandemic, the table was decided on percentage points and not on points. The goal post kept moving during the World Testing Championship, which was not fair to any team. You should have considered all things and developed criteria to determine a winner, ”said Sunil Gavaskar.

The decision to host the WTC finals in England drew heavy criticism from all sides, with the ICC being criticized for its haphazard organization of the event.