Salman Butt believes Team India will need to get at least 350 runs in the second innings at The Oval. According to the former Pakistani captain, Team India England must set a goal of at least 250 to stay in the game as there is still plenty of time in the game.

Team India cut England down to 62 on day two of the Oval Test for 5. However, Ollie Pope, 81 and Chris Woakes, 50, raised the hosts to 290, giving them a sizeable 99 lead in the first inning.

On his YouTube channel, Butt assumed that Team India could score a good second innings with three full game days overall. Butt said:

“The 99-run lead England claimed could be quite significant. I’m sure Team India now feels that it needs to get at least 350 runs. When they do that, their bowlers have a goal of about 250 runs to defend, which gives them a good chance of getting the English thugs out of the way. Remember, there is plenty of time left on this test. We only had two game days, there are three full days left. ”

The former Pakistani racket pointed out that the oval surface is always easier to hit and that Team India must take full advantage of this. Butt added:

“On day 2 there was a lot less movement off the field. It didn’t look as green as it used to. Day 3 will be the best hitting day on this surface. Usually the third day on a test is the best day to beat. There will be a bit of moisture, but if Team India can play that off, it can be easy. The top four hold the key. Team India’s opening players played excellent cricket. If we leave out Joe Root, KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma were the best clubs in this test series. Rohit would like to get a hundred because he struck brilliantly. ”

After beating England for 290, Team India’s opening games struck with defiance, bringing the team’s score to 43 without losing stumps.

“If any of Team India’s players can make a hundred, they have a great chance” – Salman Butt

Team India collapsed on Day 4 at Headingley to undo the hard work of an impressive battle. Butt admitted that the first hour of play on Day 3 will be critical.

He stated:

“When Team India plays the first 15-20 overs they will mostly make up the deficit and then the pressure will be less. However, if England strikes early and claims 2-3 wickets, Team India will be in big trouble. India, especially these openers who are playing so well, need to make sure they keep hitting. If any of Team India’s players can make a hundred, they have a great chance. Spin will come into play in the second innings and Team India has Ravindra Jadeja. The key, of course, is that they hit well, ”said the former cricketer.

Team India will continue their second innings on Day 3 at The Oval, with Rahul undefeated on the 22nd and Rohit on the 20th.

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