During his legendary career, The Undertaker was known as a backstage guide and loyal collaborator. The Phenom was one of the biggest names on the big screen, and he was also respected behind the scenes by his fellow wrestlers and WWE management.

It’s very rare that The Undertaker tried to cause trouble backstage because he was dissatisfied with a creative choice. The Deadman was respectfully vocal when he disagreed with something and wanted it to be changed. But there is one incident where the Undertaker put his foot on the ground and refused to play a particular match.

Keep talking Something to wrestle with, WWE executive Bruce Prichard announced that The Undertaker did not want a 1999 Buried Alive match with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

“Taker always had a voice,” said Prichard. “Often times, I was the one trying to convince the Undertaker to do something he wasn’t entirely in love with and try to find a compromise.”

“I remember a big one, it was 99, that was the buried alive match on SmackDown,” Prichard continued. “Like the second or third week when Taker was just convinced he didn’t want to do it.”

Prichard cited this buried, buried alive match as one of the few times The Undertaker refused to follow the creative team’s plan.

The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin in a Buried Alive match

The Undertaker and Steve Austin in WWE
The Undertaker and Steve Austin in WWE

In Rock Bottom: In Your House, Undertaker faced Steve Austin in a Buried Alive match, and Austin emerged victorious. On the podcast, Prichard said he found this star-studded fight terrible.

The match had taken place at a time when both men involved were not 100%. While Undertaker was suffering from a broken ankle at the time, Steve Austin had barely eaten in the past week due to an intestinal virus. Despite these setbacks, the game took place, but it was viewed as a total disaster.

The match was riddled with botches and failures, and this battle between two legends remains a memorable match for all the wrong reasons.

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