Team India opener KL Rahul has admitted that constant rain and weather-related breaks during the first test in Nottingham made it a challenge for Team India to stay focused. However, he praised the team for keeping focus and energy levels high despite the interruptions.

The first test between India and England ended in a draw on Sunday after a game was impossible due to persistent rain. The weather often disrupted operations during the test, forcing players in and out of the ground.

When asked how Team India maintained the correct mindset after several rain breaks, KL Rahul said:

“It was a challenging course and the weather conditions, as they were, were not easy for us to focus again. Switching it on and off was very demanding. It was great to see that we kept our focus and I think our energy was great on the field.

“Everything that we prepared for a month and a half (after the WTC finals) worked and we can hopefully get even better,” added Rahul about India’s performance.

It was frustrating that there were no opportunities: KL Rahul

On a personal level, the Nottingham Test was important to KL Rahul. Playing in its first Test in nearly two years, the Karnataka Batter took the opportunity and scored a feisty 84 in the first innings.

KL Rahul admitted that he was pleased to return to the testing department, but admitted that the long wait was sometimes frustrating. Opening up the wide range of emotions he went through when not participating in red ball games for the past two years, KL Rahul said:

“I’ve been sitting outside for the last 2-3 series. The team went really well and I was very happy to be part of the team and see how we beat teams in India and then Australia. It was great to be a part of but also very frustrating that no opportunities arose. It was just practice, practice and practice, and as a player you want to be in the middle and challenge yourself, so I’ve always been waiting for my chance and I’m very happy that it came in England. “

“I was just looking forward to it and I’m glad that the opportunity arose and that I made a good contribution to the team in the first game,” said KL Rahul, relieved.

The 29-year-old scored a flowing 26 in the second inning and looked like more when he got a beauty from Stuart Broad that he ousted to goalkeeper.