Sasha Banks is reportedly not going to compete in SummerSlam and has been removed from the match card.

Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri broke news that Sasha Banks has been removed from the SummerSlam card, confirming reported fears about the show.

Exclusive! I can confirm Sasha Banks is out from #SummerSlam @WrestlingINC tonight

As reported by PWInsider’s Mike Johnson prior to SummerSlam, Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks were cleared for the biggest party of the summer unless something unforeseen happened.

“Earlier this week, sources told that the couple had been cleared for summerslam” unless the unforeseen happens. “Belair is there. Banks is not.” PWInsider reported.

Banks and Belair missed several WWE Live events this past weekend due to “unforeseen circumstances” and there were legitimate concerns behind the scenes that the game would take place later in the week.

Although the competitors got the green signal to wrestle, several sources within the WWE weren’t overly hopeful that the match would take place live on the show.

We still don’t know the real reason Banks and Belair were pulled out of recent WWE house shows, and more details should come to light soon.

The status of Sasha Banks and his influence on the title match at WWE SummerSlam

The company had hoped Sasha Banks would be ready in time for her title rematch with Belair. Unfortunately for WWE officials, The Legit Boss won’t be available for one of the biggest shows of the year.

Her absence leaves a vacant seat in the SmackDown Women’s Championship Match and has created a lot of confusion. SummerSlam is live now and WWE should release an official update on the status of Sasha Banks sooner rather than later.

Speculation about the backup plan is already starting to dominate social media, and Becky Lynch’s name came up as unsurprisingly.

Could Becky Lynch make a triumphant return to replace Sasha Banks, or does WWE have another surprise in store? Tune in to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Live SummerSlam blog to keep up to date.

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