There have been many false rumors about Bray Wyatt’s absence from WWE after this year’s WrestleMania.

For the past few months there have been persistent rumors that Bray Wyatt has not been on WWE TV since WrestleMania due to “mental health issues”. We now know that it is not.

Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful reports that Bray Wyatt had family commitments in both May and June that kept him away from WWE and that reports of mental health issues were falsely reported.

SRS also confirms that Bray Wyatt is 100% free and could wrestle tonight if he could. Judging from Wyatt’s latest tweet, he seems to be chewing on reinventing the character “The Fiend” elsewhere in a few months.

Bray Wyatt was originally scheduled to return to WWE RAW in Orlando tonight

If Bray Wyatt hadn’t been released last weekend, he should return to RAW in Orlando this evening. Instead, he’ll have to wait out his 90-day non-compete agreement before moving on to his next destination.

While outside of WWE, Sapp also reported that Wyatt “added creative elements” to his character in preparation for his return to RAW. In theory, anything Wyatt can think of can be used under a new name later that year.

While Bray Wyatt’s post-WWE future is unknown, his most recent tweet certainly shows that he’s not done with professional wrestling just yet. Wherever Wyatt lands next, you can be sure that his legion of fans will follow.

What do you think of that Bray Wyatt rumor killer? How would you like to see Wyatt continue the “The Fiend” character after WWE? Let us know your thoughts by sounding in the comment section below.

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