Vikram Rathour has supported Rohit Sharma to continue his promising return to test cricket. Team India’s batting coach believes the star opener now has a clear plan of action when it comes to red ball cricket.

Rohit Sharma has been the top run getter for India since opening in red ball cricket in October 2019. He is the only batsman to have exceeded 1,000 runs in this period.

For Rohit Sharma, red ball success came after several attempts in the format. Vikram Rathour explained in an interview with what the vice-captain of the Indian whiteball is doing right The times of India.

“Rohit Sharma is a man who finally has control over himself, his thoughts, what he wants to achieve and where he wants to go from here. Rohit always had the game and the talent to be successful in test cricket as well. However, what has happened lately is that he has worked out his schedule in this format. Check out how he started approaching his Red Ball Cricket from 2020 since he filmed an opener, ”Rathour claimed.

Rohit Sharma has been one of the most prolific running shooters in white ball cricket for some time, and he seems to have adopted this form in red ball games as well. Vikram Rathour cited the daring opener’s changed approach to building his innings as the reason for his success.

“He always had a great game plan and method that made him such a productive run-getter in shorter formats. But he may not have been so sure how to approach the Red Ball format. But you see Rohit in test whites today and you know that this man has a very well-stocked game plan. He began to work on it consciously. Now he’s much more relaxed and disciplined at the start of his innings in test cricket, he likes to take the time to settle down and when he’s done we know what he’s capable of, “said Rathour.

Rathour insists that Rohit Sharma’s best tests are yet to come

Rohit Sharma kicked off test cricket with four tons and topped 150 on three out of four occasions. His propensity to scoop Daddy hundreds has been a hallmark of his game regardless of format, and Vikram Rathour claims fans haven’t seen the best of “Hitman” in test cricket.

“If you look at his first-class records, he was always the one who got those big hundreds. Even with ODIs and T20 cricket it was never 105, 110, 115. As soon as he gets there, he continues. In the last few months he has also shown what he is capable of in Test Cricket. Yes, I agree (fans won’t see Rohit’s best in tests just yet). He’s just getting started in Test Cricket. If he holds up, if we do that, we’ll see another Rohit on Test cricket. His best is yet to come, ”concluded Rathour.

Rohit Sharma is set to face his biggest test yet when he plays for India in the World Test Championship final later this year. A memorable innings for the 34-year-old in harsh English conditions against one of the best bowling attacks in the world would be the perfect way to explain his intentions in Test cricket.