WWE Superstar Riddle recently spoke with Graham Matthews from Bleacher Report. The current Raw Tag Team Champion discussed his current run with WWE, his take on Roman Reigns, and whether he and Brock Lesnar would ever work together.

Riddle has always shown interest when it comes to a match with Brock Lesnar. The incarnate beast, however, was very clear in its demeanor that he would never work with Riddle. The two met backstage at the Royal Rumble in 2020 when Lesnar Riddle said he would never get a match with the incarnate beast.

Regarding Lesnar’s surprise return, Riddle said he was excited to see Brock back in WWE. Riddle mentioned that Lesnar is a great athlete and competitor and that fans missed him in his absence.

Riddle also indicated that Lesnar had chosen Reigns and the Universal title to avoid Riddle’s fuss.

“Brock came out at the end of the show. I saw a sign on a door that said Mr. Beast and asked myself, “Who the hell is Mr. Beast? I have a feeling this is Brock. ‘ You know, hey, I’m glad Brocks is back. The fans have missed him and he’s a bloody competitor. Personally, I think he chose the wrong man – he chose Roman. But people love this Universal Championship, so I understand it. I think they’re both doing the right thing because they don’t want to get hurt. “(H / t on Bleacher Report for the transcript)

Riddle talked about his success on the main list

Riddle also talked about being one of NXT’s select few to succeed in the main list. Riddle revealed that while at NXT, his focus was on being named to the main list and on Raw. Riddle added that he had a soft corner for the red brand as this was the show he grew up on.

Riddle also credited friends Rhea Ripley and Damien Priest for winning championships on the main list. He revealed that the reason this trio succeeded on Raw is because they had championship gold in their sights on the main squad.

Do you think Riddle will ever face Brock Lesnar? Who do you think would win? Tone in the comments below.

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