Renee Paquette recently spoke with Wrestling INC. During the interview, the former WWE personality spoke about what it was like to watch her husband, Jon Moxley, hardcore hardcore matches.

When she and Jon Moxley started dating while at WWE, Paquette said she quickly caught up with Moxley’s hardcore wrestling past before signing with WWE:

“When Jon and I started dating, we were in WWE, but I found out very, very quickly who Jon Moxley was before ‘Dean Ambrose’ became a thing,” said Paquette.

Moxley has participated in a number of hardcore matches since signing with AEW and Paquette discussed what it was like to watch the former AEW champion do what he did. She said that while it was hard to see how he sent his body through Hell, this is what Moxley loved and what he’s great at:

“Now I see Jon Moxley re-enter the world. I know how difficult it can be to say, ‘Wait! I’ve seen you wrestle in a different way and now you get caught up in this other mess! What’s wrong? It can be difficult to watch someone you love hurt their body and get their body through the things that they do. At the same time, these are the things he wants to do. That’s the art he’s made, and he’s exceptional at it, so you take the good with the bad, “added Paquette.

Jon Moxley was with NJPW Resurgence

Jon Moxley was at NJPW Resurgence in a tag team match against IMPACT tag team champions The Good Brothers.

Moxley had a surprising tag team partner for the match, and it turned out to be his former rival, New Japan legend Yuji Nagata. Despite a valiant effort on the part of Moxley and Nagata, they could not go on with victory. The Good Brothers eventually clinched victory after meeting Nagata with the Magic Killer.

Check out the following video where wrestling legend Dutch Mantell talks about the SmackDown’s John Cena and Roman Reigns promo, referring to Jon Moxley with Sportskeeda’s Rick Ucchino and Sid Pullar III:

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