PV Sindhu has not returned to court since winning the final point against Chinese He Bingjiao for a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics on August 1.

Sindhu has been busy attending congratulations for the past few weeks, which prevented her from attending the practice sessions. Even Sindhu’s trainer, Park Tae-Sang, went to Korea to meet his family.

However, the two-time Olympic medalist resumed training at the Suchitra Badminton Academy in Hyderabad for the first time since her heroics in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Sindhu had a full-fledged workout at the Suchitra Academy gym after receiving a grand reception upon her arrival. The Indian badminton queen thanked the founder and head coach of the Suchitra Badminton Academy Pradeep Raju and other trainees for their unreserved support before leaving for Tokyo.

Sindhu will soon be increasing the intensity of the exercise, says Pradeep Raju

Pradeep Raju said Sindhu is starting out slowly and will increase the intensity of her training over the next few weeks. She makes every effort to maintain her fitness between social functions and congratulations.

“She should get a feel for how her body reacts in the first few days and then plan the training plans accordingly on the pitch. She will increase the intensity of the preparations by the end of this month. She knows she won’t be able to play for a few days because of her commitments, but she makes sure she stays fit. When she travels, she also works out in her hotel room, ”says Pradeep Raju.

Pradeep Raju, a former national-level shuttle, said every trainee at the academy is delighted to see Sindhu return to the center after receiving her bronze medal.

“About 20 players have trained with Sindhu regularly and fully stretched them before the Olympics. She recognized her efforts. The youth were also proud to have played their part in helping Sindhu win her second Olympic medal. All of these players who have trained with Sindhu were thrilled to see Sindhu return to the academy. They ask Sindhu: ‘Didi, we want a party from you’ ”, said Pradeep Raju.

He said Sindhu received many invitations from all over the country for the congratulations.

“She doesn’t go anywhere. She chooses the most important. She will travel to Lucknow as the Uttar Pradesh government plans to honor all Tokyo’s medalists on Thursday. At the weekend she will be training at our academy again, ”said Pradeep.

Sindhu is scheduled to play the Sudirman Cup and Uber Cup in September and October.