While the new version of the game is supposedly similar to PUBG, it is censored and comes with a disclaimer.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the renamed version of PUBG Mobile from Korean publisher Krafton, has officially launched on Android, the company announced on Facebook. “On July 2nd, 2021, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA was officially released thanks to your support,” Krafton, ” said in a post on Friday morning. Together with this, the company published a Note on data transfer This indicates that users can in some way retain their progression from the previous version of the game released by Tencent.

Tencent is the Chinese internet company that launched PUBG Mobile in India when the game was banned after skirmishes along the Indo-China border. “Please note that the exposure time of the official version in the Play Store may differ depending on the device environment,” said the company.

Krafton did not announce the launch date in advance; The company came under fire just last month because the beta version of the app – which was launched for some users – pinged servers that appeared to be in China. The company said it would remove these pings before the official launch. Some politicians have also called for the game to be banned again, as the change in publishing company has not sufficiently cured the problem of Chinese participation.

Note on data transfer

The data transfer message contains a exhaustive list of what is and what is not broadcast from the Tencent version of the game. In order to consent to the data transfer, users must accept the terms of use of the new app and consent to the transfer of their existing data. The data transfer can only be initiated with Facebook or Twitter logins. The notification does not explicitly mention who was the custodian of the previous version’s data. The users’ phone numbers and email link information were not carried over, but game progress and inventory were largely carried over.

The new version of the game is censored with green lightning bolts replacing the blood and a pre-game disclaimer that it is a virtual simulation game as opposed to a fighting game. IGN India reported that Battlegrounds Mobile India similar to the version of PUBG offered in China.

PUBG Mobile / Battlegrounds Mobile India Prohibition Timeline

  • August 2020: Krafton, the Korean company that owns PUBG and develops the game for PC and consoles, is meeting with Indian embassy officials to discuss the company’s plans in India.
  • September 2020: The game is banned in India along with other apps developed in China. Shortly after, Tencent’s publishing rights to the game will be terminated and Krafton, the Korean company that owns the brand, will take over.
  • November 2020: Krafton signs a pact with Microsoft to use Azure servers in India to support the game. Shortly thereafter, the company announced it would invest $ 100 million in its activities in the country and launch a renamed version of the game, PUBG Mobile India, with censored graphics. MEITY is silent about the relaunch and refuses to approve or explicitly block the move.
  • May 2021: After months of inactivity and marketing campaigns put on hold, Krafton announces another renaming to the game Battlegrounds Mobile India, which retains much of PUBG’s core art and gameplay. No release date will be announced. Former MLA and Union Foreign Minister Ninong Ering urges the government to thwart the restart, a demand supported by members of both the BJP and Congress.
  • June 2021: Following a pre-registration campaign in May, the game will begin rolling out to some users.
  • July 2021: The game launches for Android users with the ability to transfer user data from the Tencent version for people who have played the locked version of the game.

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