The Philadelphia 76ers have the chance to qualify as the second team after the Bucks for the semifinals of the NBA Eastern Conference. You play against the Washington Wizards in game 4 of the first round. The 76ers were in sovereign form on either side of the court as Joel Embiid scored his highest points in a playoff match in Game 3. He finished with 36 points and eight rebounds and left the field with 14-18. Tobias Harris had a double-double with 20 points and 13 rebounds.

The Washington Wizards shot less than 40% out of the field, converting only eight of their 22 threesomes. Russell Westbrook scored another triple-double while Daniel Gafford was the Wizards’ most efficient shooter that night. He converted five of his seven field goal attempts and finished with 16 points and six rebounds.

Game details

lamp: Philadelphia 76ers vs. Washington Wizards | Game 4, 2021 NBA Playoffs.

Appointment time: Monday, May 31, 2021; 7:00 p.m. ET (Tuesday, 4:30 p.m. IST).

Conference location: Capital One Arena, Washington, DC

Philadelphia 76ers preview

The Philadelphia 76ers showed their most dominant performance yet in Game 3. Joel Embiid had a big day when the 76ers capitalized on their economies of scale across the field. Tobias Harris is in the middle of the best playoff series of his career, while Ben Simmons also had a productive time in Game 3.

Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers
Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers

Simmons converted seven of his 10 field goal attempts and finished with 14 points, nine assists and five rebounds. The 76ers have a more rounded bench and seem to continue their dominant run.

Key player – Joel Embiid

Embiid showed his most dominant playoff performance and had 36 points. He converted three of his four threesomes and also had three steals and a block. Embiid found more leeway and was left with a single defender far too often throughout the game. The Washington Wizards managed to block Embiid from the field in the first two games and could resort to multi-teaming again in Game 4.

Washington Wizards preview

The Washington Wizards looked really defeated in Game 3 and struggled to look good throughout the game. The Philadelphia 76ers defended well on transition as the Wizards had difficulty moving the ball and were extremely poor with their shooting. Bradley Beal only converted one of his eight threes and had an overall efficiency of 38.5%.

Bradley Beal and Rui Hachimura of the Washington Wizards
Bradley Beal and Rui Hachimura of the Washington Wizards

The Wizards may have been tempted to start Daniel Gafford, their best shooter of the night, who scored 16 points and six rebounds in just over 22 minutes. Gafford also converted all four of his free throws, the only area the Washington Wizards looked better than the 76ers in Game 3.

Key player – Russell Westbrook

Westbrook didn’t have the easiest times on the series, but in Game 3 he stacked another triple-double. He and the other Washington Wizards stars struggled to get this far due to the physically dominant defenses they faced.

Regardless, Russell Westbrook is also struggling with an ankle injury and didn’t seem relaxed. The Washington Wizards won’t be happy with the way the 76ers have outplayed them so far. They had a positive record against elite teams during the regular season. They topped it off with a remarkably strong second half to qualify for the play-in tournament.

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Philadelphia 76ers

Point guard – Ben Simmons | Gun Guard – Seth Curry | Little striker – Danny Green | Power forward – Tobias Harris | center – Joel Embiid.

Washington Wizards

Point guard -Ish Smith | Gun Guard – Raul Neto | Little striker – Bradley Beal | Power forward – Rui Hachimura | center – Alex Len.

76ers vs Wizards prediction

The Philadelphia 76ers have reaped the rewards of trusting their young stars over a number of seasons and are almost certain they will make it. Tobias Harris and Joel Embiid were in great shape, and strong defensive performances have given the 76ers easy wins so far.

The Washington Wizards need an extreme lucky switch to make the series more competitive. They go into Game 4 as an all-out second favorite.

Where can you watch the 76ers vs Wizards Game 4?

The Philadelphia 76ers vs Washington Wizards game will be broadcast nationwide on ESPN. Viewers can also stream the event live online with the NBA League Pass.