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Since you were already looking for the survey guide on Papa Murphy’s, so I assume that you love eating pizzas at Papa Murphy’s, and now you want to know about the survey, right?

That’s a good idea indeed because you also get a free cookie or coupon in exchange for participation.


So, Papa Murphy’s has its online portal for its customers who wish to share their experience in the eatery. As many customers visit the restaurant every day and everyone has their different experiences in the restaurant and those experiences of yours Papa Murphy’s wants to know.

A restaurant has many things to manage, starting from food to service, management to hygiene, and other things too, and even one is not up to the mark or not performing well. It will directly affect the company’s s reputation. Therefore, keeping all things on track and satisfying customers by their wants and needs is very necessary.

In order to receive comprehensive information about the customer’s likes, dislikes, opinions, and suggestions, the company conducts a survey.

By carrying a survey firm will know how they are doing till now? What common problems are customers facing? And are they happy with the service and food? All such data support companies building their businesses more.

Since the company needs to get updated with the customer’s current demands, a survey is a way to understand people’s mindsets.

This survey is not only about sharing the feedback, but you may also get a reward from Papa Murphy’s.

Why Papa Murphy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

As the name implies, it is a customer satisfaction survey means how much you are satisfied with the food and service that the restaurant is providing?

As per your feedback, the restaurant will analyze where they are lacking off and what they can be done for improvement?

All reviews will be assessed by the papa survey expert, which all, later on, helps the company to achieve quality in products and services.  And once the condition and quality improve, your experience will be more joyful than before.

Authorities are taking every feedbacks very seriously and tries to provide you possible solutions to your problems.

So after knowing the perks of participating in a survey, it’s time to understand some rules and requirements.

Papa Murphy’s Survey Rules and requirements

  • You cannot participate if you below the age of 18
  • Any employees or Papa Murphy’s, or their investors are not allowed to participate in a survey, and even their family members are not allowed.
  • The survey code that is mentioned on your receipt is only valid for three days. If you take a survey after three days, you won’t be allowed to participate.
  • The redemption code that you will get after submitting the survey is non-transferable as you cannot convert it into cash or any other alternative, and you also do not give it to your dear once to use.
  • Papa Murphy’s Survey is an entirely online process so that you will need a smart device such as a phone, laptop, or tablet with a strong internet connection.
  • The survey content is written in two languages English and Spanish means you should have atleast basic knowledge of either one.
  • For participating in a survey, you should have eaten at Papa Murphy’s recently because only you will get the receipt which consists of a survey code.
  • One has to take a Survey within three days from the date of purchase receipt.

Papa Murphy’s Survey¬†Participation Online Procedure

  • Type website says on your smartphone’s browser.
  • Then you have to enter the store number you visited and also give the time of your visit. All these details will be there on the receipt as well.
  • After submitting the above information, enter the survey code that you will ask on the next page.
  • Once you give your survey code, you directly shift to the questionnaire part, where you need to answer some of the questions related to restaurant services, nature of the staff, food quality, admin management, etc.
  • Answer every question without any mistakes, be polite and gentle while answering the questions.
  • As soon as you complete the survey, you will be provided with a redemption code or, say, a discount code which you can use to get a discount or free cookie on your next visit.


The primary purpose of carrying a survey is to gather information regarding customers’ likes and dislikes, opinions, and suggestions on the various aspects of restaurant food and service.

Therefore, I suggest you display your genuine feedback to the company so that they can quickly evaluate and determine the real problem. The better and detailed you provide your review, the sooner and accurate results you will get

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