This week Epic Games is giving away free copies of two arcade-heavy games: Overcooked! 2 and hell is other demons.

They are free to make claims on Epic Games with no payment details, etc. All that is required is a free Epic Games account. They can be claimed for free until June 24th and will stay in the player’s library forever.

Why overcooked! 2 at Epic Games is a must

Overcooked 2 is a cooking simulation game from the developers of Team 17, known for the worms! Franchise. Boiled over, like the move of SMG Studio (not available at Epic Games), is not what is expected of a “simulation” day at Epic Games. Both games stand out for the fact that they essentially turn each level into a timed puzzle for the players.

In Overcooked 2, players fill orders through a kitchen as quickly as possible. The kitchens that represent levels often take on absurd shapes. In the later levels, it becomes more difficult to navigate through them.

The cool couch co-op experience alone makes Overcooked 2 a good introduction to Epic Games. It was clearly designed with switch control in mind, so mileage may vary in terms of keyboard controls.

For players who prefer solo play, Overcooked 2 can also be a single player. But there will still be two chefs for the player to micromanage. Two player co-op offers the smoothest experience, so it is recommended that friends grab their free copies of Epic Games as well.

Hell is Other Demons: A light spherical hell in neon robe

A good frame of reference for Hell is Other Demons would be Moppins Downwell on PC. Like Downwell, it’s a bullet hell platformer with minimalistic 8-bit graphics. Hell is Other People is only adding a small amount of token roguelite upgrades.

Much like DOOM, which it clearly pays tribute to, the game is designed to instantly shoot players at demons with a little double jump finesse. The neon colors and synth wave soundtrack also go well with its arcade character. For gamers like Kugelhöllen with a plug and play focus on action, this is a must have in their Epic Games library.