Vitor Belfort is not impressed with Jake and Logan Paul, even as they keep raising their standards with respect to opponents.

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, the former UFC light heavyweight champion slammed the two Paul siblings for picking opponents who weren’t primarily boxing.

According to Vitor Belfort, his son Davi Belfort would be a tougher opponent for Jake Paul than Tyron Woodley, who comes from a wrestling background.

The UFC 12 heavyweight tournament winner also claimed that his daughter Victoria could beat up the Paul siblings in the ring.

Vitor Belfort accused the Paul siblings of evading him and said to Damon Martin-

“The Trill boys said, ‘Vitor, whenever we brought your name up here, shake it off, oh no, no, no, not him.’ And they pick these guys who are wrestlers. I have nothing against them. Great, make your money, but they’re not boxers. I can fight Tyron Woodley with one hand and beat him up. This guy is a wrestler. A great wrestler but he can’t even … my kid can beat him up. My daughter, have you ever seen my daughter hit? My daughter Victoria can take out these guys. “

Vitor Belfort wants to fight both brothers on the same night

Vitor Belfort criticized Floyd Mayweather for stepping into the ring with Logan Paul and not being able to knock him out.

Belfort also claimed that he could face Logan and Jake Paul on the same night and even in the same fight.

Vitor Belfort offered to take turns fighting with the Paul brothers, further said:

“Why (Floyd) Mayweather can go fight a YouTuber and don’t even knock the guy out. Embarrassing for the boxers, you know. And I’m telling you, you bring these two brothers to me. I’ll fight both of them in the same Night. You come, you get tired, another brother is coming next round. I beat these two brothers like that (snaps my fingers). And you know that, they know that. I don’t want to do it.

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