The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, in response to an RTI request to MediaNama, said that registration of self-regulators for news organizations and streaming services was still in progress. The Rules for Information Technology (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Code of Ethics for Digital Media) 2021, in particular Rule 12 (3), require the following:

After being constituted in accordance with Paragraph, the self-regulatory authority shall, within thirty days from the date of its establishment:

If the ministry must ensure that the self-regulatory authority according to Paragraphs 4) and (5). – It prevails

The IT rules were announced on February 25th, which means it has been more than three months, which is well beyond the original timeframe for registration of news and streaming self-regulators. These bodies are obliged to accept appeals against complaints that are not resolved at lower levels. The longer registration turnaround time reflects the complications involved in setting up these organizations and the concerns that the industry has expressed about the burdens associated with compliance.

The Internet and Mobile Association of India announced the establishment of the Digital Publishers Content Grievance Council (DPCGC) and named Justice AK Sikri to head its Appeals Committee. However, the I&B Department’s response seems to suggest that the DPCGC’s registration may not have been fully processed.

Text of the RTI response

The I&B Ministry’s RTI application response is as follows:

There is no obligation to register publishers in the context of information technology
(Guidelines for Intermediaries and Code of Ethics for Digital Media), 2021. Publishers are required to provide the government with certain basic information in accordance with rule 18 of the aforementioned rules.

The registration of self-regulatory authorities under rule 12 of information technology
(Guidelines for intermediaries and code of ethics for digital media), 2021 is in progress.

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