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Money saving benefits of being a stay-at-home mom



stay at home mom
It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of stay-at-home moms. I know the choice is not the right one for everyone. For one thing, staying at home is often a chore and it’s also a lot more stressful than many jobs out there. However, there are also many benefits, the main one being how much money you can save. Let me share with you some of the money saving benefits I have experienced staying at home.

Multiple home cooked meals

Working 40 hours plus looking after my kids all day was stressful. Dinner wasn’t being prepared because who has time when you have to go to the office and spend more time commuting? As a result, we were constantly short of fast food. I was constantly trying to stay awake and alert even with Starbucks racing. When I went shopping, I was so stressed out and sleepless that I wasted money on food that was eventually thrown away. Why should I bother working so many hours if I was just going to waste all that money (and my precious time) on food costs? I ended up cutting my working hours dramatically and all these expensive food costs disappeared automatically.

Less money spent on appearances

Of course I care about my appearance and I don’t want to be in my pajamas all day, but I need a very limited wardrobe as a freelance stay-at-home mom. My current closet consists mostly of jeans, tunic tops, and some dresses. My bosses and colleagues don’t care that my roots need to be retouched and my nails haven’t seen a drop of polish in over a year, but employees who go to the office every day are usually expected to have a certain look. all the time, not to mention that sometimes there is unspoken competition between peers.

Less stressful shopping

Does anyone else shop or eat when stressed out? When I was doing the 40-hour workweek, I was also shopping online a lot more. I was constantly buying to take my mind off the stress. I also kept putting the cookies in my mouth.

My husband is more motivated to earn more

I am truly grateful that my husband is a wonderful provider for our family. He has the kind of job that allows employees to grow with the company or stay in their position for the rest of their life. Since my husband knows we rely on his income he is always motivated to pursue higher positions and do what needs to be done for raises. I know this is not the case for everyone, but I am grateful that my husband is fighting hard for me to stay home with the children.

No childcare costs

I’ve looked into the costs of childcare and kindergarten, and it’s just amazing how expensive it is. It would be depressing to see more than $ 2,000 a month in childcare even if you had a full-time, well-paid job. Some moms find that the costs of childcare with a baby are still profitable for their jobs. Other moms find that having more than one child in custody can consume their entire salary and staying home is a financially smarter move temporarily.

Honestly, being a stay-at-home mom is what I want to do. I encourage all other parents who want the same thing to take a look at their budget and see if it’s possible. Sometimes it’s a question of what you have to sacrifice in order to be able to stay home with your children. I know as far as I’m concerned, I’d move into a one-bedroom house, cut the cables, and get off to a car if I had to. If staying home with your kids is so important to you, you will find a way to make it work. Adjusting to a new lifestyle won’t be easy, but the benefits will be worth the sacrifice.


Stay at home parent or working parent – the best choice is the one that works for your unique family. Whatever you are, share your favorite ways to save money each month.

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Toffee TV Apk is a great app for android users that offers a variety of content, including live streaming of major sports events. The app is simple to use and offers a great experience for users. Make sure to download Toffee TV Apk and enjoy the latest live sports events!


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Why is it so difficult to save money when you are poor



We all agree that living from pay to pay is not an ideal situation. And it’s just as obvious that people who do this still need to save their money and build a financial cushion so they can finally feel safe.

Unfortunately, the basic rules for saving money are simple but Not easy, especially if you are already behind the financial ball.

Here are three reasons why it is so difficult for people in poverty to improve their situation:

1. Lack of opportunity

There is a reason for the term “banker’s time”. Most banks are only open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. For many of us, this is a little pain in the neck, but not a big deal.

But someone struggling with their finances and also relying on public transport will find that bankers’ schedules are a huge problem. How do you collect your paycheck if you can’t get to the bank before it closes?

This is further complicated if you don’t have any banks. About 4.5 percent of Americans live “without a bank”, in the sense that they have no bank account. They can’t collect their salary without paying the privilege, let alone set up a direct deposit and remove the trip to the bank from the equation.


2. Lack of initial investment

Let’s say you need to move to a new apartment. You find a place where you can afford the $ 500 monthly rent, but to move in, you have to write your landlord a check for the first and last month’s rent. It’s okay, but they also need a security deposit, which you can’t find.

Alternatively, you can move to a budget motel which costs $ 35 a night. You’ll end up spending over $ 1,000 to stay there for a month, but you don’t have to shell out $ 1,500 all at once. The apartment is clearly the cheapest option, but without the initial investment you cannot take advantage of it.

This is also why fast food is so often a staple of the poor workers’ diet. According to behavioral economist Dan Ariely:

“So imagine going to a new house tomorrow without food and having to start equipping a kitchen. And you wanted to buy salt and pepper and olive oil and pots and pans. You should invest a lot of money to be able to eat cheaper. Or you can go to McDonald’s. So it is even difficult to create the conditions for living efficiently ”.

David’s Note: What Emily is describing is more common than you think. We’ve had the same cleaning lady (well, actually a cleaning family) coming to help us around the house every few weeks for years now. One day we noticed they drove by with a brand new car. We were surprised because the old one looked brand new so we asked them to try to teach them that changing cars all the time is a big waste of money. As we talked, they shared with us that the reason they had to change cars was that their car broke down. It turns out they could scrape together enough to rent a new car with what they can get by selling the old car that broke down but didn’t have the money around to fix it. Damn!

Another couple of years have passed and they have since changed cars again. If they had only had some savings, they would have saved tens of thousands of dollars on car ownership alone.

These problems create a vicious cycle: you spend more money than you can afford because you can’t afford the investment needed to save money in the long run.


3. Lack of time

In 2012, a study found that households with an income above $ 100,000 were twice as likely to use coupons as families earning less than $ 35,000.

This seems counterintuitive as low-income households have a greater need for coupon savings. But one of the big differences between high- and low-income families is the time it takes to cut coupons.

Although Americans across the income spectrum feel short on time, those living in poverty may be spending their time dealing with problems that could have been prevented with more money. For example, if you have to choose between car maintenance and grocery shopping, you will probably choose grocery shopping, until the car breaks down and you have to deal with the problem immediately.

If you constantly put out fires, it can be difficult to find the extra time to sit down with paper coupons and Sunday clips.

The bottom line

Saving money is possible at any income level, but it is an important first step for those on the lower end of the spectrum to recognize the ways their situation makes it more difficult to save. Only then can they begin to find solutions, as it is much more difficult to overcome a difficult situation if you cannot recognize all the ways in which it is affecting you.


What else would you add to this list?

Editor’s Note: Did you know about the service called $ 5 meal plans? For $ 5 a month, they send you recipes of delicious, healthy, yet affordable food that costs just $ 5 a meal.

Several of my friends have signed up and can eat more at home because the instructions are easy to follow, making everything more convenient. The deal also includes shopping lists, which save them so much time. Check it out for yourself by clicking here and you too may be able to save more and become healthier at the same time.


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That’s why I don’t want to retire early



retire earlySpend a little, save a lot, achieve financial independence and retire early. It is the dream of many to be able to get out of the traditional nine to five workforce and spend the rest of their days living a life of leisure. Early retirement is certainly a popular goal, but I honestly don’t agree with it.

There are several reasons why I wouldn’t retire early even if I thought I had the funds saved to do so:

My work fluctuates

I wake up every day excited about going to work. I could count on the number of companies in the world where I could do the kind of work I do as a software engineer. It’s exciting, I can work with rapidly changing cutting-edge technologies, and it’s always mentally challenging.

Also, I don’t live in the structure of the traditional nine-to-five workday. As a large part of my team resides in India, working at least part of my day overlapping my teammate’s working day is actually encouraged. I have the flexibility to work from home and am free to come and go from my office as I wish (within reason). I can go to attend my kids’ school events, go to the gym or even run errands. As long as I am doing my job, my employer absolutely agrees.

Keep building wealth

My work pays me very well. The longer I work, the more wealth I build. By continuing to earn a great income doing something I enjoy, I can now afford more life experiences and have a bigger nest egg for when I want to retire. Also, I don’t feel guilty when I go crazy. Even a huge purchase like buying a car is manageable if you think about it because you can get that money back if you’re willing to delay your retirement for a few months.

Retirement is a stranger

There are many things that need to be considered when trying to determine how much to save for retirement. Among the most common are:

  • The type of lifestyle you want to live in the golden years or the annual spending rate
  • Duration of funds to last
  • Growth rate of the remaining investment funds

Unfortunately, you can only estimate much of the information these calculations require as input. We do not know any of the following information:

  • How long will we live
  • The growth rate of investments
  • The rate of inflation or rising cost of living
  • If we’re going to have to pay major medical bills

A person who retires early increases the difficulty in determining how much they need to maintain through retirement because they need to live off their savings for a much longer time. Think of it this way: We are told to start saving for retirement early because time is our greatest asset when it comes to maximizing the growth of our funds. But time is your retired enemy. All of the unknowns listed above could increase the amount of money you need during retirement.

The last thing I want to do is try to find a job when I am elderly and have no relevant skills.


Many people feel trapped in their daily work and make it a goal to live a frugal life to allow them to retire early and do what they really want to do. I’m lucky enough to have a career where I’m doing exactly what I want to do. By being well rewarded for my experience, I can continue to create wealth for many more decades and greatly increase my standard of living in retirement. At the same time, working helps reduce the uncertainty that you have saved enough.

What do you think about early retirement?

Editor’s Note: I started tracking my assets through Personal Capital. So far I am only using the free service and no longer have to log into all the different accounts just to extract the numbers. And with a single screen showing all of my assets, it’s much easier to tell when I need to rebalance or where I am on the road to financial independence.

They have developed this nifty 401K commission analyzer that will show you if you are paying too much in commissions, as well as an investment tracking tool to help you determine if your asset allocation fits your risk profile. The platform literally takes a few minutes to sign up and is free by following this link here. For those looking to build wealth, Personal Capital is worth a look.


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