Miralem Pjanic has admitted that he didn’t feel respected by Ronald Koeman in Barcelona. The midfielder spoke to the media after completing his loan move to Besiktas this season.

The former Juventus midfielder did not have a good time at Barcelona as he barely made it into the starting XI. The Catalan side reportedly wanted to release him this summer because they needed him from their payroll.

Besiktas came to his rescue this month and signed him after the Spanish transfer window closed. Miralem Pjanic has recently been asked if he doesn’t feel respected in Barcelona from what he said Marca:

“The coach, yes. I couldn’t get used to the situation last year. I knew I didn’t want to. I’m a player. I love to play football, it makes me happy. I always wanted for Barca to play but I didn’t expect the situation to get this complicated, there was a point where I played less, things got complicated.

“And when I was playing it was difficult to be healthy physically and mentally because it destroyed my confidence because I had no communication with” [Koeman]. It was very strange because a coach is the one who says who is playing and who is not, but there are different ways of doing things. I’m a player who can accept anything, but I always want to be told face to face. Not like nothing happened and I was 15 years old. “

Does Miralem Pjanic regret moving to Barcelona?

Although the midfielder said he didn’t feel respected by Ronald Koeman at Barcelona, ​​he doesn’t regret joining the Catalan side. In the same interview he added:

“No, never. Things happen in life that have to happen. It is like that. I’ve fought all my life and my career, I’m very ambitious, very competitive, I’ve reached the level of Juventus and Barca.”

Besiktas will reportedly pay € 2.7million on loan to Barcelona. He is on loan for a season and will try to get back on the field with his new team.

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Edited by Sudeshna Banerjee