Miesha Tate described how happy she was after her big win against Marion Reneau last night.

After being out of mixed martial arts for nearly five years, Miesha Tate made a triumphant statement at UFC Vegas 31. She did so by quitting Reneau to re-establish herself as a contender. It was a long time before they believed she would never take the walk again. After years of uncertainty about her future, Miesha Tate has proven why she is still able to connect with the best in her department.

Miesha Tate – still elite

During her post-fight press conference, Tate shared the real joy she felt when she raised her hand:

“I got a little emotional during the strike. It was about halfway through and I almost felt like crying for joy because I thought, ‘God, I just can’t believe I’m here now’. That fight had lasted a year, and longer if I look at the trip before I even decided I was going back. But in retrospect, it all brought me to this point. “

Nobody could ever deny that Miesha Tate deserved her place on top of the mountain. If she manages to return there, or even get close to it, it will be tremendous evidence of her courage and courage in the face of many doubters.

Now the focus needs to shift to what their immediate future will be in MMA and UFC.

It doesn’t seem particularly likely that Miesha Tate will immediately be pushed back into a rematch with Amanda Nunes. This is mainly because we already know how dominant Nunes is. You also need to think about how great the competitive advantage would be for Tate, who is returning after such a long absence.

The next twelve months of her career should be very interesting as Cupcake tries to make a fascinating second chapter.

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Published by Jack Cunningham