Lionel Messi and Argentina fought body and soul against Brazil in the 2021 Copa America final and eventually won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Angel Di Maria in the 22nd minute of the game. La Albiceleste was able to successfully maintain its narrow lead and take home the grand prize with a spirited performance.

Lionel Messi finally broke its international trophy drought and led Argentina to its first major international title in 28 long years.

Constantly questioned for his lack of international success, Lionel Messi responded to his critics not only by winning the Copa America 2021, but also by setting a good example. The 34-year-old showed several great performances over the course of the competition, becoming the top scorer and player of the tournament.

With 4 goals and 5 assists, Lionel Messi finished almost twice as many goals as the second best player – Neymar Jr. (2 goals and 3 assists). The much anticipated historic victory sparked an outbreak of emotion around the world as most people believed that this triumph was totally deserved.

Lionel Messi himself was more than thrilled, and for good reason, when he uploaded an extremely passionate post after Argentina beat Brazil.

After the game, Lionel Messi spoke about his feelings, his trust in the Argentine squad, his family and the journey he and the team have made.

“It’s crazy, the happiness I feel cannot be explained. I’ve gone sad before, but I knew it was going to happen at some point.

“I had a lot of confidence in this group that has gotten stronger since the last Copa America. They are a very good group of people who always push forward, who never complain about anything,” said Messi.

There were many days when we were closed, but the goal was clear and we could become champions. The happiness is immense. I’ve dreamed of this many times, “he added.

“I thought of my family when the game was over. We suffered many times, we’d go on vacation and spend the first few days sad. This time it’s different,” said Messi.

The excitement that followed resulted in people (fans, experts and other celebrities) from around the world paying tribute to the monumental achievement, praising Lionel Messi and Argentina for their long-awaited time in the limelight.

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Best tweets when Lionel Messi and Argentina won the 2021 Copa America

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