Developed in India, Koo was the first social media broker to say it would abide by the new IT rules.

Koo, a domestic microblogging platform, published its second compliance report for July 2021, as reported by the Indian government in February this year. The report found that 498 Koos reported by its community were removed; in June the company had reduced up to 1,253 Koos. The company did not provide any information on the nature of these complaints. Koos are posts that users upload to the platform, similar to tweets for Twitter.

“Rule 4 (d) of the IT rules, 2021, states that major social media intermediaries (with more than 5 million users) must publish a regular compliance report every month, in which the details of the complaints received and the measures in this regard, as well as the number of certain communication links or parts of information to which the intermediary has removed or blocked access as part of proactive monitoring carried out using automated tools or other relevant information. “- IT rules 2021

Why is it important? On February 25 of this year, the central government approved the IT rules, 2021that made far-reaching changes in the country’s social media. The rules tightened the rules by which social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and others operated in India. The new rules stipulate that major social media intermediaries (social media companies with more than 5 million users in India) must appoint a chief compliance officer and a resident complaints officer as well as a node contact person and enable traceability of content on the platform , among other.

What does Koo’s compliance report show?

Koo was one of the first companies to do that retain with the new rules before the deadline of May 25, 2021. In his second report, the number of Koos reported by his community has decreased 5,502 to 3,431 in July. Compared to the numbers released in June, it was down 37 percent.

  • The company said it took action by removing 498 of those posts while resorting to defog, ignore, overlay, warn, etc., for the rest (2,933) of the posts.
  • When it came to his own moderation, Koo proactively flagged 65,280 posts, 1,887 of which were removed from the platform. The remaining posts witnessed other types of action taken against them as noted above.
  • Koos that were proactively reported rose more than 10,000 from 54,235 Koos that were proactively reported in June.
  • In June, the company had also removed 1,996 Koos (under proactive supervision), 109 more than the Koos dismantled in July.

Where are other social media platforms in terms of compliance?

Facebook Inc has its. released first compliance report two weeks ago for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram after the publication of an interim report on July 2nd.

Whatsapp: The messaging platform disabled 2 million accounts in India from May 15 to June 15, 2021. She said she had responded to 63 of 204 disqualification appeals received. In addition, 345 complaints were received on topics such as account support, objection to the ban, product support, safety issues and other assistance.

Facebook: The social media platform received 646 complaints and responded to all of them. These complaints covered a range of issues such as identity theft, bullying, nudity, access to accounts, requests for access to personal data, abusive content, problems with Facebook’s processing of personal data, etc. Half of these complaints were resolved through pre-established Facebook channels , while more than 47 items of content have taken action against them after special reviews.

Instagram: The social media platform was the subject of 36 complaints, of which 20 actions were taken. Over ten such complaints were resolved through predetermined channels provided by the company.

Twitter: The microblogging platform has also published its compliance report Around the same time, it became known that Twitter’s Complaints Officer received 94 complaints between May 26 and June 26. This led to action against over 100 URLs. Twitter was forced to act after the Delhi Supreme Court criticized the social media platform for failing to comply with the rules Dispute with the Indian government regarding the same.

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