Jon Moxley certainly knows what it is like to work for both Vince McMahon and Tony Khan. The former AEW world champion has now revealed the differences between the two men.

Before Dynamite in Cincinnati on Wednesday, Jon Moxley sat down with Rick Ucchino and Tony Pike from Sportskeeda on Cincy 360 to talk about all things AEW. During the interview, Jon Moxley talked about a huge difference between Vince McMahon and Tony Khan in the way they run their respective businesses.

“Vince McMahon watched a lot of AEW matches and just said,“ Oh, that’s rubbish! You don’t sell! Slow it down! That shit … blood and guts “But he wouldn’t pay attention to the 10,000 people who go crazy,” Jon Moxley said. “So it’s really cool. I feel a little bit validated, I’ve set a lot about how I feel about what wrestling should be. AEW will do that. And that’s what we did. Now look where we are. So I’ll be a bit flexible and a bit like I told you to. “

Jon Moxley on what makes Tony Khan different from Vince McMahon

Jon Moxley went on to provide a perfect example of how Tony Khan runs his business when it comes to booking games for his show.

“Like I said a few years ago, even when I was at WWE, just let the cast be real and they do what they do and go out and show their skills in the best possible way,” said Jon Moxley. “Tony Khan is such a huge wrestling fan of all styles and ages, [he’s] so familiar with everything that he just wants to watch the wrestlers do their best. So if he puts a match together and we get Lucha Brothers vs. Young Bucks, all he says is, ‘I can’t wait to see this,’ he’s not going to tell him what to do. He just says, ‘Get out there and do it, do your thing’ and that’s how it should be. “

Do you agree with Jon Moxley that this is one of the biggest differences between Tony Khan and Vince McMahon? Which owner do you think is better at handling things? Let us know your thoughts by sounding in the comment section below.

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