Jake Paul stayed in the headlines and made sure to show off his antics at the official cradles for his much hyped fight against Tyron Woodley.

While being interviewed by Ariel Helwani after his intense encounter with ‘The Chosen One’, Paul tried to snatch Woodley’s hat from but failed.

Check out the video below:

Earlier this May, Jake Paul gained widespread attention after stealing Floyd Mayweather’s hat on media day of his brother’s fight against the undefeated boxer. Paul’s actions sparked a huge brawl that also resulted in him getting a black eye.

This time, Paul failed to recreate the infamous scene thanks to the security people who quickly separated him and Woodley. The two are said to collide in the boxing ring in just over a day.

While Woodley believes his professional boxing debut will indeed be successful, Paul claims “The Chosen One” will be eliminated within two rounds.

Paul believes the former UFC champion won’t pose a threat to him if he didn’t even knock down in his “500 sparring sessions” with boxers who are “much better” than Woodley, Paul believes.

Jake Paul’s trainer believes his fight with Tyron Woodley will be a “one-sided competition”

Jake Paul is trained by former professional boxer BJ Flores. According to Flores, Tyron Woodley will have a hard time keeping up with Paul’s abilities, which he believes will surprise the martial arts world.

Flores doesn’t think Woodley will get past the fifth round and expects Jake Paul to put him away pretty convincingly:

“It’s going to be one-sided. Don’t get that wrong. It’s going to be one-sided. Hopefully Tyron will go three, four, five rounds. That would be great if he did. If he did five rounds, just know that Tyron is tough at camp will have worked out to get into the fourth and fifth round, because no sparring partner could really do that. So it will be difficult for him to get so deep into the fight. ” said Flores.

Check out MMA Fighting’s interview with Flores below: