Becky Lynch was at the WWE Performance Center this week as she got closer to her WWE return. The former WWE Women’s Champion has been out of action since May 2020 when she was pregnant.

As per PWInsider and Combative selection, Becky Lynch performed at the Performance Center this week. However, she was not involved in any training, but took part in live matches.

Fightful added that the WWE Women’s Department is hoping the return of Becky Lynch will improve booking for everyone. They also report that the former champion looked “jacked up” and “like she never left”.

WWE reportedly plans to bring Becky Lynch into the ring this year. She gave birth to her and Seth Rollins’ daughter Roux in December 2020, and a return has been on the agenda for some time.

Sheamus on Becky Lynch returns to the WWE ring

Sheamus was asked about Becky Lynch earlier this month and he gave no indication that she would be returning anytime soon. Speak with Mood and wrestling, he said:

“Becky is like a sister to me. It really is. I love them down to the last detail. [I’m] super close to her. She went out there and she made herself up. There is no doubt about it. She wasn’t on the radar. She went out every week, she tore it down and she made herself relevant despite the booking. The cream keeps going up and that’s what happened to her, ”Sheamus continued. “She went down there and was herself and did what she believed in. I think we definitely miss her. She is a superstar. She is up there with the greats of the past and the greats of the future. “

“I don’t know when she’ll be back. I won’t ask her. It’s none of my business to ask her this or what the plan for the future is, but I think if we go to live events with fans, we will we “I would like to have her back. Again, I have no idea. I miss her and I know everyone else missed her too, so everyone is excited if she comes back or when she comes back. This question can only be answered by her. “

There are no reports of when Becky Lynch will return to the ring, but with Stephanie McMahon claiming surprises are planned for SummerSlam, the pay-per-view could see the return of “The Man”.

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Go over to SK Wrestling Youtube now for exclusive interviews with Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre.