Netherite is one of the rarest materials in Minecraft. Making tools from the material has been a priority for many players since it was first introduced in the game.

Players need netherite scrap to craft netherite bars. Netherite scrap can be made by melting a material from the nether known as ancient rubble.

In rare cases, Netherite Scrap can also be found in loot chests in the Nether in Bastion Remnants.

With these options aside, Survival mode players will be more or less unlucky enough to find the Netherite scrap they need.

Ancient rubble isn’t easy to find in The Nether, but the rewards are well worth it.

Mining old rubble to smelt netherite scrap in Minecraft

Netherite scrap can be created by melting old debris (image via Mojang)
Netherite scrap can be created by melting old debris (image via Mojang)

Before Minecraft players set out to mine ancient rubble, they will need to get hold of a diamond pickaxe or stronger. Assuming the player doesn’t already have netherite gear, a diamond pickaxe will need to do the job.

Once they have the tools they need, Minecraft players should search for old rubble at elevation levels 8-22. The height can be checked by activating the “Show coordinates” setting in the Bedrock Edition or by pressing the F3 key in the Java Edition.

The height level is measured using the displayed Y-coordinate, so players should keep an eye on this when descending. According to an analysis by the Minecraft community, Y-Level 15 (on average) is the height most likely to have old debris.

At the appropriate height, the players must mine in the same way as in the overworld. However, given the dangerous nature of The Nether, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful and beware of sudden pitfalls or lava flows. These can quickly end a Minecraft gamer’s excursion.

Ancient rubble is not a common block in The Nether, so the mining process will likely take some time. In fact, ancient debris naturally forms in “clumps” of up to two per piece.

Blobs of 1-3 ancient debris are created similar to the distribution of lapis lazuli, while others appear sporadically between layers Y = 8 and Y = 119. Finding old debris is a lot of work, but players are advised to start at Y = 15 and continue from there.

Once players have their ancient debris, they can throw them into a melt with some fuel. Once heated, the debris will turn into Netherite junk, and Minecraft players will be one step closer to the ingots they need for Netherite tools and armor.

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh