Minecraft’s desert pyramids are a semi-rare but extremely helpful naturally-generated structure. Because of its ability to blend in easily with its surroundings, Minecraft players looking for desert pyramids must have a keen eye. Even so, for many reasons, players are strongly advised to uncover desert pyramids.

If found in the early to middle stages of the game, Minecraft’s desert pyramids can provide a needed boost in progress. These pyramids also give players an incentive to travel through the barren wastelands that are the deserts of Minecraft. While desert pyramids are great to find at any point in a playthrough, not many players know how to find them easily.

How to find desert pyramids in Minecraft

The best techniques for finding desert pyramids

A lone dead shrub (Image via Minecraft)
A lone dead shrub (Image via Minecraft)

Most common sense Minecraft players know that they must first find a desert biome before they can find a desert temple.

Desert biomes can be easily found either by taking a boat along the coast or going up a large mountain to explore the land below. Either way, it shouldn’t take too long to find a desert biome.

Unfortunately, not every desert biome contains a desert pyramid, which can make searching a lot more difficult. Lucky Minecraft players have a small chance of finding multiple desert pyramids in a biome. Once the player has found a desert biome, there are a few techniques they can use to maximize their chance of finding a desert pyramid.

First, the Minecraft player wants to reach the highest possible point in the desert biome. That way, they can explore as much of the country as possible. Players can also build 1×1 towers to accomplish the same goal.

After reaching a climax, players have the option to increase their render distance and decrease their POV. This will be much easier for them when exploring the desert desert.

The final (and best) technique is for players to use their seeds to find all of the pyramids in their world. Minecraft players can use the. to visit Desert temple finder Website to achieve this.

Upon entering the website, players must return to their game and enter “/ seed” in the chat field. This will give them their seed which they need to enter into the desert temple finder website.

After entering their seed, players must enter their coordinates into the “X” and “Y” fields, which show the desert temples closest to the player’s current coordinates.

Both of these techniques are fantastic ways for players to find desert pyramids and all of the cute loot they contain.

The YouTube video above provides a visual guide to the best techniques for finding desert pyramids.

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