The jungle temple is one of the rarest naturally created structures in Minecraft. This is mainly due to the fact that it is located in the densely forested jungle biome, which in itself is quite rare. While these temples don’t look very spectacular, their loot could convince some Minecraft players to start looking for one.

As mentioned above, the jungle temple is extremely rare, which makes it pretty difficult for players to capitalize on their loot. Fortunately, Minecraft players have a few techniques that they can use to find these tricky structures.

How to efficiently search for jungle temples in Minecraft

Techniques to find jungle temples

The “Brazilian” technique (picture via Minecraft)

Since jungle temples are randomly found scattered across the vast jungle biomes of the overworld, players won’t have an easy way to find them.

As mentioned above, jungle biomes are one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft. The first challenge is to find this evasive biome. After finally discovering a jungle, the player is now ready to search for the temple.

Jungle biomes are dense, and even if a Minecraft player is right next to a temple, they may not be able to see it. This is where fire becomes extremely useful.

Since the Minecraft fire spreads quickly, the Minecraft arsonists will be happy to try this technique. Basically, the player wants to kindle a massive fire in the hope of eventually discovering a jungle temple (see above).

Due to the dense wilderness of the jungle, the fire spreads quickly and becomes uncontrollable very quickly. Before attempting this technique, players should confirm that they are ready to burn a large part (or all) of their jungle for a temple or two. That said, burning things in Minecraft is always very fun.

The next technique players can use is the flying device / elytra technique. If the player builds a simple flying device that is supposed to fly slowly over the jungle biome, he has plenty of time to search the biome from above. Obviously this could be achieved with an elytra, however the elytra can be too fast to search for jungle temples effectively.

The above YouTube video has some helpful facts and statistics about the Jungle Temple in Minecraft.

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