Commands are fundamental in Minecraft. They were added back in 2012 and have rapidly expanded their usefulness since then. Many of the best servers and community maps couldn’t exist without commands.

The command that changes the time of day in Minecraft is an integral part of many gamers. With its help, creative players do not have to deal with the night while building.

This command is very easy to use. This article takes a look at how Minecraft players can use it.

How to change the time of day in Minecraft

Step 1: Activate cheats

Players need to make sure they are in a world with cheats enabled. If cheats are not enabled, this command will not work.

Cheats can be activated in the Minecraft Java Edition by opening the world for LAN and pressing the “Activate Cheats” button.

In the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, cheats can be activated by simply going to the “Game” option in the settings menu and activating the “Cheats” setting by flipping the button.

Step 2: Open the chat window

Players will now need to open the Minecraft chat window to prepare to enter the cheat command. This happens differently depending on which platform the player is using. To open the chat window on different devices:

  • On the PC, the player should press T to open the chat window.
  • Pocket Edition players should press the chat button at the top of the screen.
  • Xbox and Playstation players should press the D-pad directly.
  • Nintendo Switch players should press the right arrow.

Step 3: Entering the command

After opening the chat window the command / Time set day should be entered to convert the time to the time of day, / Time set night for the night and / Time set noon for lunch.

More experienced players can also set the exact time using ticks or days. Players can use the regular / Time setting Command as shown above and enter a number followed by d (days, 24000 ticks) or s (seconds, 20 ticks). For example, / Time set 20s.

Step 4 run the command:

Once all of this is entered, players should execute the command by sending the chat message. This will instantly change the time of day according to the player’s input.

If the time does not change, it is probably because the cheats were not activated correctly (see step 1) or something was typed incorrectly.

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh