Former UFC fly and bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo has announced that he doesn’t believe Khabib Nurmagomedov is among the top five MMA fighters of all time.

On a recent appearance on former UFC fighter Mike Swick’s YouTube channel, Henry Cejudo was asked where he thought Khabib Nurmagomedov stood in relation to the greatest MMA fighter of all time. ‘Triple C’ said:

“He’s in a special category, but he’s not the best. I would probably think he was crazy, like in the top ten. There are so many great fighters, I can name them for you. “

Khabib Nurmagomedov retired in 2020 after defending his lightweight title against Justin Gaethje. He had a perfect record of 29 wins and zero losses. Henry Cejudo also retired in 2020 after defeating Dominick Cruz at UFC 249.

Henry Cejudo’s top 10 MMA fighters of all time

After giving his opinion on Khabib, Cejudo revealed his top 10 fighters of all time. In true ‘Triple C’ fashion, he’s also put himself on the list.

“I would bet: Jon Jones, Demetrious Johnson, Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Randy Coutore. I would be sixth, two division champion, defending my belt, beating the best of my generation. Dominick Cruz, Demetrious Johnson , TJ Dillashaw. At number seven, I’d probably do khabib. “

Finishing Khabib in seventh place is certainly a controversial stance, but Cejudo clearly considered that carefully. He backed up his choice with the words:

“Even though he’s 29-0 there are still a lot of people he can beat even though he beat them all. I think the fight that really hurts him is the fight against Al Iaquinta. In that fight he looked terrible He dominated “but he still showed a lot of holes in that position.”

Henry Cejudo then revealed the last three spots on his list:

“I would do number eight to Daniel Cormier. Number nine, I’m not sure. Maybe a BJ Penn. And then number ten, probably Fedor. Fedor could have been number one, he just did too much than he should have done. Fedor At one point it was pound for pound, best ever, and then it just tarnished that shit. “