Sean O’Malley’s UFC 252 foray against Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera saw him first beaten in MMA after succumbing to first-round TKO.

Although the 26-year-old describes himself as “spiritually undefeated,” he will always feel the sting of that loss to Vera, and UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold is well aware of it.

According to O’Malley, his father once bumped into Rockhold in Whitefish (a town in Montana), where the former middleweight champion was apparently drunk. While speaking with O’Malley’s father, Rockhold reminded him of the only loss of his son to his teammate Marlon Vera.

In memory of the story of episode 149 of TimboSugarShowsaid Sean O’Malley:

“They were in Whitefish. Luke (Rockhold) was drunk and kept telling my father, ‘Chito hit your son.. Why should he be like this?”

O’Malley then added that his father didn’t recognize Rockhold, which likely frustrated the 16-5 fighter.

“Luke said (to my dad) ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ And my dad said ‘You look familiar, but I don’t know’. That probably pissed him off the whole story, “said Sean O’Malley.

Watch Sean O’Malley describe the incident in the video below (from 6:15 p.m.):

Rockhold has not entered the UFC Octagon since July 2019, when he lost to Jan Blachowicz at UFC 239.

The American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) member is now expected to return to UFC 268 on November 6, 2021, where he will face Sean Strickland.

Sean O’Malley was reportedly offered a fight at UFC 268

According to Sean O’Malley, the UFC was hoping to see him on the UFC 268 battle map. However, ‘Suga’ refused to take the fight as he is not interested in going to New York, where the event is likely to take place.

O’Malley said snubbing the offer infuriated UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby, who then treated him like a “piece of shit”. It is not yet clear who O’Malley’s potential opponent was.

With four KO / TKO wins in the UFC, O’Malley is one of the fastest rising stars in the promotion. His professional MMA record is 14-1.

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