In his Annual general meeting 2021 (AGM), held on June 24th, Reliance launched a new Android-enabled 4G smartphone (touted as the cheapest in the world), expanded its partnership with Google on 5G and cloud technologies, updates shared on the JioMart WhatsApp collaboration, unveiling the performance of its Jio Fiber broadband operations and announcing that Jio will be the first to introduce 5G in India. Here is a full breakdown of all the technology-related announcements made during the meeting.

Jio is expanding its partnership with Google

Launch of the new 4G smartphone with Google: With the statement that almost 300 million cell phone users are still stuck in 2G networks due to exorbitant upgrade costs, Reliance started a new 4G smartphone that has been dubbed the cheapest in the world. The JioPhone Next smartphone was developed in collaboration with Google and runs on an optimized version of Android so that users can install the entire suite of apps available in Google’s PlayStore. The phone will be available on September 10th.

“Our teams have optimized a version of our Android operating system specifically for this device. It has voice and translation capabilities, a great camera, and support for the latest Android updates. It was developed for India and will open new opportunities for millions of new users experiencing the Internet for the first time, ”said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google.

Google Cloud as the engine for 5G from Jio: Google Cloud and Jio partner to power the upcoming 5G telecommunications network. “Google Cloud will provide a complete end-to-end cloud offering for fully automated lifecycle management of the 5G network and Jio’s 5G services,” the company said said. Jio is expected to leverage Google’s cloud infrastructure to deliver scalable 5G services to hundreds of millions of Jio subscribers. “It will help more than a billion Indians connect to faster and better internet,” said Pichai.

“The extensive know-how and innovation of Google Cloud, combined with telco-specific capabilities for security, performance and resilience, will help Jio’s 5G service deliver high-speed internet when the demand for connectivity increases. The two companies will work together to deliver a portfolio of 5G edge computing solutions as Jio develops new services in many industries including gaming, healthcare, education and entertainment. These are powered by Jio’s 5G network and Google Cloud’s innovations in AI / ML, data and analytics, and other cloud-native technologies. ” Google

Reliance’s core business is moving to Google Cloud: Reliance will move its core retail businesses to Google Cloud to “leverage the scalable infrastructure of Google Cloud to enable its retail business to achieve better operational efficiency, modernize and scale for growth, and provide customers with better performance and To offer experience ”, the company said. Google Cloud is expected to play a key role in growth companies like Reliance Retail, Jio Mart, Jio Saavn, and Jio Health. “Leveraging the reliability and performance of Google Cloud will allow these companies to scale as needed to respond to customer demand,” said Pichai.

Jio’s in-house 5G network on the way to launch

5G trails show speeds greater than 1 Gbit / s: Last year Reliance announced that Jio engineers had developed a 100 percent self-developed and comprehensive 5G solution. Jio has now announced that it has successfully demonstrated speeds well over 1 Gbit / s. “Our Made in India solution is comprehensive, complete and globally competitive. It reaffirms my confidence in the abundant talent of Indian engineers to deliver world class products with such cutting edge technology, ”said Ambani.

Will be the first to introduce 5G in India: “We recently received the necessary regulatory approvals and test spectrum for initiating 5G field tests. As I speak to you, the entire 5G standalone network has been installed in our data centers across the country and also at our test sites in Mumbai. We are confident that we will be the first to bring a full-fledged 5G service to market, ”said Ambani.

Connected ambulances with Jio 5G: Ambani announced that Reliance is working with Reliance Foundation hospitals on a 5G-enabled solution that will create a state-of-the-art networked ambulance system with real-time, high-fidelity, telemedicine and remote access to doctors. “Any networked ambulance can become a virtual extension of a hospital emergency room while on the move,” said Ambani.

Immersive education with Jio 5G: Reliance is also working with Reliance Foundation schools to use 5G to deliver immersive and interactive AR / VR content to students in classrooms, “making the learning process an enjoyable, memorable and enriching experience”.

JioMart will expand in the next few quarters

JioMart’s growth: Jio Mart had over six and a half lakh of peak orders in a single day and 80 percent of its customers are repeat buyers, Ambani said. The e-commerce platform has added over three lakh retailers in 150 cities.

Encouraging collaboration between WhatsApp and JioMart: Reliance announced that it has launched an initial series of integrations between WhatsApp and JioMart on a trial basis and the response from WhatsApp and JioMart customers has been encouraging. The full “new commerce” solution, connecting merchants and consumers, will be rolled out in the next few quarters, Ambani said.

Jio continues to dominate the telecommunications sector

Subscriber Numbers: Jio saw a net increase of approximately 38 million subscribers last year and now has over 425 million subscribers. This makes Jio the first operator outside of China to reach 400 million subscribers in a single country.

Monthly traffic grows by 45%: Jio currently processes over 630 billion gigabytes of data per month, an increase in data consumption of 45 percent in the last year alone.

Investments in frequency auctions: In the most recent spectrum auctions, Jio invested Rs. 57,123 crores to acquire significant additional spectrum, making it the largest operator of 4G spectrum in India. According to the company, it has operationalized almost 100 percent of this additional spectrum.

Other important announcements

JioFibre becomes the largest broadband provider in India: Although physical on-site work came to a standstill due to the pandemic, Jio’s fiber broadband offering acquired more than 2 million premises in the past year. With a cumulative base of 3 million active households and business customers, Jio Fiber is now the largest and fastest growing fixed line broadband operator in India.

The data centers of Jio-Azure will be further expanded: Reliance has started up Jio-Azure cloud data centers with a capacity of 10 megawatts in two cities, Jamnagar and Nagpur. It is currently onboarding its first group of pilot customers and plans to expand its data center capabilities and offerings in the coming quarters for a growing number of SMBs and startups.

Vaccination appointments via the Jio Health app: Mukesh Ambani stated that mass vaccination is India’s highest and most urgent priority, and said Reliance is making the entire vaccination process easy and accessible through the JioHealth app. “With one click you can book a slot or download the certificate,” said Ambani. Jio will likely make this possible with the recently opened CoWIN application programming interfaces (APIs), which allow home developers to create apps for vaccine bookings.

Research in cutting-edge technology: Reliance develops deep expertise and 100 percent intellectual property in several emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, machine learning, blockchain and mixed reality, Ambani said.

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